‘Kim Byeong-ho’s daughter Kim Bo-mi’ finally made it to the finals. It was the first time in the semi-finals that I reached the final eight times, so I shed tears and I have a strong desire to win. If she wins, she will be the PBA’s first women’s champion. 메이저사이트

Kim Byung-ho is the January 2020 wellbang competition champion. In this tournament, he lost to Kudron in the round of 64 and was eliminated, but after defeating Kudron 3-1 in the semi-finals of the tournament three years ago, he defeated Martinez 4-3 in the final, winning the championship in a surprise.

The title of the father and daughter changed from ‘Bomi’s father, Kim Byeong-ho’ to ‘Kim Byung-ho’s daughter, Kim Bomi’.

Kim Byeong-ho was not the winner, but his daughter Bomi, who had just turned 20, was a favorite.

Kim Byung-ho has not won since then. He doesn’t even remember reaching the semifinals. However, Kim Bo-mi has reached the semifinals seven times since her father won the championship, including her three times this season.

But she often hesitated. She played well, but when it came to the semifinals, she couldn’t show her skills and faltered and then she was eliminated.

However, in the match on the 6th, she put on a continuous hitting show and defeated Minju Baek 3-1. It was the first final of the semi-finals, 7 out of 8.

The final opponent is formidable. it’s throng It is ‘Strong Piabi’ who is looking for his second win this season and his fourth overall.

The feeling is fine. ‘Then’, like her father, she crossed the semi-finals 3-1. His father also won his first championship in his first final. What’s even better is that her father wasn’t ready, but Kim Bo-mi prepared for a long time..

“It’s like a dream. Thanks to the support of many people, I was not frustrated. I will show my desire to win with confidence.

” The final of the 2023 Crown Haitai LPBA Championship between Kim Bo-mi and Throng will be held on the 7th at 9:30 pm at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center.

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