After Tottenham rejected a second offer from Bayern Munich, it has been reported that the Bavarians have been unpredictable in their negotiations and have considered their next best option.

The Bavarians are in the midst of a recruitment drive ahead of the 2023/24 season. They have already added Konrad Reimer and Raphael Guerreiro in free agency to bolster their midfield and fullbacks, and the recent arrival of Kim Min-Jae will strengthen the center back position.

Munich’s next target is up front. After letting Robert Lewandowski leave last summer, the Bavarians have continued to be disappointed in their frontline finishing, and have been in talks with Kane, who has recently been linked with a move.

Kane is a Tottenham ‘living legend’ having spent 11 seasons with the club, scoring 280 goals in 435 official games and 213 goals in 317 Premier League games, but his recent run of form has led to speculation that he could leave the club in the summer transfer window.

Munich immediately took notice of Kane’s situation and began an aggressive persuasion campaign, with the player signaling his willingness to join the UEFA Champions League contenders.

However, negotiations between Munich and Tottenham for Kane did not go smoothly. Munich’s initial offer for Kane was €70 million with options, which Tottenham promptly rejected. Undeterred by the rejection, the Bavarians prepared a second offer of €80 million, which was also rejected.

Sky Sports Germany reporter Florian Plettenberg, who is well versed in the Munich situation, wrote on social media, “Kane’s personal negotiations with Munich were attended by his brother and father, coach Thomas Tuchel and Munich president Marco Neppe. In my opinion, Kane will sign for Munich on September 1,” he wrote, adding that he was optimistic about the deal despite Tottenham’s rejection.

Spurs, however, remain stubborn. Manager Enzi Postecoglou is set to hold talks to keep Kane, and chairman Daniel Levy hasn’t been forthcoming in negotiations with Munich.

In the meantime, a report has emerged that Munich have been discussing potential replacements for Kane in a sporting meeting.

German outlet Sport Bild reported on Kane’s departure in a story titled “How Munich will end up with Kane” on Wednesday (Aug. 13).

“Munich are keen on signing Kane,” Sport Bild reported. Kane was already discussed in the sports committee on Tuesday. Kane has promised that he wants to go to Munich, and that has made the Bavarians optimistic,” he said of Munich’s interest.

“However, Munich must reach an agreement with Tottenham. The negotiations with Levy are considered unpredictable. Munich are preparing for any eventuality. They are considering alternatives to loan if the deal doesn’t work out. Manchester City’s Julian Alvarez and Juventus’ Dusanj Vlahovic are among the candidates,” said a source close to the deal, explaining that Munich has even identified backup candidates in case of unforeseen circumstances.

It appears that Munich has even prepared a plan to loan the players out for a year and then sign them on a free transfer when Kane’s contract expires.

However, it is not expected that Munich will abandon their plans to sign Kane anytime soon, as they are preparing a third offer for the player, even though they are considering the next best option of a loan.

Germany’s most prestigious soccer publication ‘Kicker’ reported on the 13th that Bayern Munich is preparing a third offer for Harry Kane.

“The Bavarians believe that they are still a long way away from bringing Kane to Germany, but they believe that he has made up his mind to come to Germany,” Kicker said, adding that the club will make a third offer soon.

Meanwhile, local German media have suggested that Kane’s meeting with Postecoglou could lead to a change in the transfer talks.

“Kane and Munich are heating up. Kane is back from vacation. He already agreed with Munich a few weeks ago, and the problem now is that nobody knows what Tottenham want,” the German outlet said, commenting on the status of the Kane transfer talks.

“Kane is back from vacation and will start training with Tottenham again, so there could be a lot of moves,” the source added. Postecoglou has announced a meeting with Kane,” adding that Kane and Postecoglou will talk about the future 오래된토토사이트.

When asked about Kane’s future in his first official press conference on December 12, Postecoglou said, “I don’t have any guarantees and I don’t expect any. You can’t handle transfers like this with certainty. But what I do know is that he is part of our team and he is looking forward to coming back,” he said, indicating that he wants to stay.

The media pointed out that Kane would want to leave despite his strong ties to Tottenham. “He knows his chances of winning a big title are running out and that’s why he is looking to make a change this summer,” Teche explained.

“We can’t rule out the possibility that Kane will tell the manager that he wants to leave. It will be interesting to see how Tottenham react to that. Spurs leave for a pre-season tour of Australia and Southeast Asia this Friday,” he added, noting how Kane’s transfer request could impact the club ahead of the pre-season.

With Munich preparing a replacement for Kane after struggling to reach an agreement with Levy and preparing a third offer, it will be interesting to see if Kane’s transfer request changes the negotiations and whether Munich will be more aggressive in their search for a replacement.

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