Coach Maokai, who led EDG to become a world champion that no one expected, told his life story.

On the 22nd, EDG released a 30-minute video about the life of the team’s coach, Jisong “Maokai” Yang, through their official Weibo.

In the video, coach Mao Kai, who visited his hometown, told his father and himself about his childhood, his steps to the present, and his determination for the future.

Coach Mao Cai, who did not come into contact with computers until elementary school, first encountered computers when he was in middle school. Afterwards, he enjoyed playing games in PC rooms and at friends’ houses, but he did not know that games would change his life.

In high school, when he fell in love with the game, he first encountered and fell in love with League of Legends and scored over 2000 points in season 1. Having become known as a League of Legends master by participating in online competitions, he recalled that time, saying, “It felt good to participate in competitions with friends.”

Around 2013, famous teams in China, such as WE and iG, began to appear, and Maokai took a serious interest in the pros.

He created a team called ‘Spirit Moon’, his solo rank ID, and took his first steps in offline competitions. At first, I used to go to the top and the jungle. Fortunately, I made a lot of famous scenes in the tournament and became known as a supporter artisan in the industry, and I looked back at that time saying that it was the moment when I got closer to a real professional team. 토토사이트

Having participated in many offline competitions, including WCG, and competed against truly strong teams, he became EDG’s coach by chance. While attending college and continuing his studies, he gave up his college life and accepted an offer from EDG to start a full-fledged coaching job.

“It is the coach’s job to help players express their individual thoughts in training,” he said. “In some cases, the players’ thoughts may not be the best. I explained the task to be done.

He continued, “When coaching, there are problems with communication within the team. Problems between individual players cause conflict, and in-game problems cause conflict. These problems are also the responsibility of the coach. Call the players separately and talk to them. , We have to hold a meeting with the players until 2:00 in the morning and make up for the problems. If we don’t concentrate and do our best every moment, the team can be ruined,” he said, expressing his difficulties.

However, he said, “It’s a rewarding job. Although the evaluations from the fans and the team are different, and as a middle manager, you have to communicate with the management above, the players below, and actively communicate with the outside world. There are a lot of things. Work can be difficult, but I want to have an experience like this in life.”

Although it is not possible to cover everything in the article due to content limitations, the video containing the life and values ​​of Coach Maokai and the behind-the-scenes story as a coach can be found on EDG’s official Weibo.

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