Samsung Life fought fiercely against KB Stars with Park Ji-soo.

Yongin Samsung Life Insurance lost 75-79 in the fourth match of the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball season against Cheongju KB Stars at Yongin Gymnasium on the 25th. Samsung Life lost 4 consecutive losses and fell to 3rd place (11 wins, 9 losses).

Bae Hye-yoon, who scored an average of 22 points against KB Stars, was absent. For this reason, coach Lim Geun-bae emphasized the active attack of young players. It wasn’t perfect, but the hesitation in attacking decreased. Kang Yu-rim (17 points), Lee Hae-ran (17 points), Shin Iseul (16 points), and Lee Myung-gwan (14 points) scored in double digits.

Even in the thirteenth, he overturned expectations, created ties and reversals, and persistently harassed KB Stars. Even 30 seconds before the end of the 4th quarter, he made 3 consecutive 3-pointers, leading to a 4-point gap (75-79). However, the last attack continued to fail and was defeated.

Coach Lim Geun-bae, who we met after the game, said, “I think the players have done 100% of their current power. Of course, there were parts that were lacking in the middle, but all of our players did very well. I ordered an aggressive attack, but it’s a bit disappointing. You can do it more actively. Still, I tried to do relatively ordered things. I wish I could climb more confidently. He looked back on the game, saying, “I was the most active in recent games. 메이저놀이터

It is Samsung Life Insurance who faced KB Stars with Park Ji-soo for the first time this season. The rebound was 28-38, and Park Ji-soo took 14 rebounds. Coach Lim Geun-bae said, “I lost the record, but I didn’t get hit one-sided in the rebound fight. He thinks the players had a strong will to catch. The rebounding part was quite lacking in the losing game. He was determined and did a good job.”

Since defending Park Ji-soo, most of the players got into foul trouble early. Lee Hae-ran left the court with 5 fouls in the 4th quarter. Regarding this, “I can’t help it because I can’t normally stop (Park) Ji-soo. A lot of fouls came out because I blocked Jisoo.”

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