The race for the top spot is heating up as the second round of the Team League draws to a close with two games remaining for each team. While first- and second-place Blue One Angels and Eswai Bazar lost side-by-side, SK Rent-a-Car Direct and Crown HaeTae picked up wins to close the gap to three and four points, respectively. The Huons have won three straight games to move from the bottom to near the middle of the pack, while first-round winners NHK Card defeated Eswai to make it three wins out of three in the second round (two losses).

SK Rent-a-Car and Crown Haetae defeated HanaCard 4:2 and Welcome Savings Bank 4:3, respectively, on the second day of the second round of the 23/24 PBA Team League, while Huons and NHK Card defeated Blue One and Eswai 4:3 in full-set games.

In SK Rent-a-Car’s match against Hana Card, Hida Oriie, Kang Dong-gung, and Repence played a key role in the team’s victory. Hida was responsible for the second set (women’s doubles) and the last six sets (women’s singles). Le Pence defeated Nguyen Quang Nguyen 15:8 in the third set (men’s singles), while Kang Dong-gung defeated Chocloo 11:4(7) in the fifth set (men’s singles). As a result, SK Rent-a-Car moved into a tie for third place with Crown HaeTae with 3 wins, 2 losses and 9 points.

Crown HaeTae also added a hard-fought point against Welcome Savings Bank in a full-set match. The two teams traded blows early on and were tied at 2-2 in the fourth set. They then took the fifth and sixth sets to tie the match (3:3). The seventh and final set ended on a high note. Kim Jae-geun defeated Kim Im-kwon 11:0 in just three innings.

Crown HaeTae has now won three straight games in the second round and is tied for third place with SK Rent-a-Car with nine points.

The Huonx made it three straight wins against the Blue One, setting the stage for a mid-table finish. Rather than relying on one or two teammates to lead the entire match, the Huons showed off their solid teamwork. With the set score at 2-2, Choi Sung-won took the fifth set, Jeon A-lin took the sixth set, and Palazon took the seventh set to secure the win 온라인카지노.

The NHK Card added a hard-fought victory against Eswai. After winning the fifth set (Mamin Kam) and the sixth set (Kim Bomi) from a 2:2 set score, the NHL Card won the seventh set with Montes defeating Hwang Duk-hee 11:3 in five games. It was the third win of the second round.

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