Even ‘China’s top star’ was swearing from the very beginning. Of course, it was the evil of ‘anonymous patch’.

While many LPL players’ accounts were banned from Korean solo queue due to recent overseas IP access restrictions, TheShy also had to leave the Korean server.

TheShy, who joined the Chinese server solo queue, tried to use Jerry in the top lane during gameplay.

However, his teammates were puzzled by this and asked The Shai, “Are you really using (that)?” However, due to the anonymous patch, the team members had no way to know if he was TheShy or not.

When TheShy didn’t answer, one of the team members asked him, “Are you going to the top with Jerry?”, wondering if it was a champion swap.

In particular, since the supporter chose Yumi, the distance dealer user who was trying to complete the combination with Jerry asked TheShy, “Don’t take my place” and “Are you going to the top or AD?”

Looking at the letter ‘AD’, The Shy guessed that his teammates meant that he should head for the AD, and replied “ok”. Then he asked one more time, “u go top?” 먹튀검증

The angry marksman player, whose seat was suddenly taken away, simply replied, “Fuck off.” In-game, he cursed at TheShy, who ‘suddenly’ took his place, at the same time as he started, creating a friendly canyon atmosphere as always.

In this way, due to communication difficulties due to anonymity and IP-related measures, TheShy, the most popular star in China, provided an unforgettable experience to gamers who admired him. Among them, TheShai and the remote dealer who switched places with TheShy blew up the game and won easily.

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