The English Premier League (EPL) leaderboard predicted by the super computer is awkward.

The EPL this season is chaos itself. Arsenal is trying to win the championship for the first time in 19 years since winning the championship undefeated in 2003-04. Liverpool, which competed with Manchester City for the league championship last season, is 9th in the league, and Chelsea, which raised expectations by investing a large amount of money to reinforce the squad, is 10th. Newcastle United, regarded as an emerging powerhouse, is in third place in the league, followed by Manchester United, which has gone through a dark period for a while.

Leicester City and West Ham United, who occupied the mid-table last season, are staying in 15th and 18th respectively. Instead, Fulham (6th), Brighton (7th), and Brentford (8th) are also making a sensation and are aiming for tickets to advance to the European competition. With half of the league schedule progressed, there is plenty of reason to look forward to the remaining half.

At the halfway point of the league, the supercomputer predicted the final EPL ranking. This is the data released by ‘The Sun’ in the UK.

First, the predicted winner is Arsenal. The super computer predicted that Arsenal would win the league title by beating Man City (81 points) with a score of around 87 points. Manchester City is second, Manchester United is third, and Newcastle is fourth. So far, it doesn’t look much different from the current leaderboard.

Below that, there are variations. Fifth place was expected to be Brighton. Brighton have been taken over by manager Graham Porter in the middle of the season and manager Roberto De Gerbi has taken over the helm, but they are quickly finding stability. Currently, they are in seventh place in the league behind Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham, but the supercomputer predicts that Brighton will rise to fifth. If the prediction is correct, Brighton is highly likely to advance to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL). 카지노사이트

Behind Brighton was Tottenham. Tottenham have been criticized for their poor performance this season and are currently in a precarious fifth place. The supercomputer predicted that Tottenham and Brighton would have the same number of points, but Tottenham had a slightly higher chance of finishing sixth. Liverpool, who are struggling this season, are 7th and Chelsea are 9th.

If predicted, the EPL’Big 6′ may change. In the past, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Man United were commonly referred to as the ‘Big 6’. Last season, these six teams were placed sequentially from the top of the EPL leaderboard. However, there are so many unexpected parts this season that predictions of a change in the leaderboard have emerged.

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