SK faced a major bad news ahead of an important match to pursue second place. Choi Jun-yong is absent.

Seoul SK will have a 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league home game against Changwon LG at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 12th. The ride between 3rd place SK and 2nd place LG is 2.5 games. 카지노

For SK, which has the hope of leaping to second place, it is a fight that can reduce the number of rides at once, but it was hit by bad news. Choi Jun-yong is absent. In a home game against Daegu Korea Gas Corporation on the 11th, Choi Jun-yong blocked Murphy Holloway’s bottom-of-the-box shot right before the end of the game. SK got a chance to win thanks to this, but Choi Jun-yong suffered an impact on his left heel during the landing process. The diagnosis result was a bruise, and Choi Jun-yong is scheduled to undergo a checkup again on the 13th.

Regarding Choi Jun-yong, coach Jeon Hee-cheol said, “It is a foot that was injured in the offseason. It was not decided whether he would participate until this morning, but he decided not to participate because he felt uncomfortable even walking. included in the list of entries. He considered adding another player to the starting list instead, but asked (Choi) Jun-yong to talk to him from the bench.”

Choi Jun-yong recorded 12.7 points, 1.5 3-pointers, 5.9 rebounds and 3.8 assists in an average of 32 minutes and 25 seconds in 26 games this season. Compared to last season, when he won the regular league MVP, his score decreased by more than 3 points, but his influence on SK power was still the same. SK, which had only 4 wins and 8 losses before Choi Jun-yong’s return, quickly climbed to the top by recording 19 wins and 7 losses in 26 games with Choi Jun-yong.

It remains to be seen how many games Choi Jun-yong will miss, but it is clear that SK is on fire. Can SK continue chasing second place even without Choi Jun-yong?

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