It is news that the genius striker who was personally brought in by Manchester United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson is now appearing in court for rape.

He is John Coffey. The now 30-year-old joined Manchester United’s youth team in 2007 when he was 14. Afterwards, he came up to the first team in 2010, but was released in 2013 without playing a single game.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported that “Cofi, who was expected to be Manchester United’s wonderkid, appeared in Manchester court on the 23rd on charges of raping a woman in 2019.”

The media continued, “Kofi was a genius striker who was expected to dominate the Premier League when he joined Manchester United. Kofi, who was in the Burnley youth team at the age of 14, caught the eye of Ferguson, and Ferguson directly recruited him to the Manchester United youth team. did,” he added.

Kofi didn’t settle down at Manchester United. “Kofi didn’t impress at Manchester United, and he went on loan. He was released in 2013 and never returned to United, retiring at the age of 27,” the media explained. 먹튀검증

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