Kim Ki-dong, head coach of the Pohang Tilers, predicted that the team will be able to overcome repeated departures of key players this year as always.

On the 6th, a press conference was held in Pohang for the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ at the Seogwipo Cal Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju. Pohang, which conducted the first battery training in Hanoi, Vietnam in January, has been conducting the second battery training in Seogwipo, Jeju since February.

Pohang lost Shin Jin-ho this winter. It is a big blow that Shin Jin-ho, who played an active role last season, left at the time the team composition was finalized this season, but coach Kim has faith that he will be able to overcome it as well as before. This is because Pohang, led by coach Kim for four years, is not a team dependent on one or two players. Below is the full text of Kim Ki-dong’s press conference

  • Shin Jin-ho left for Incheon United. As for how to fill the void,

Jinho was actually going with him this year as well. His contract was until this year. I thought there would be no problem with me or the club, but he suddenly left and was very busy. In a situation where we had to find a replacement quickly, we chose Kim Jong-woo. Jinho and Jongwoo have very different soccer styles. It will not be easy for Jong-woo to adapt right away. time is needed Jinho also showed a good figure last year, so he was highly evaluated as a result, but he had a hard time in the beginning. The goal is to quickly bring out Jong-woo’s abilities through meetings.

  • What is the background of choosing Kim Jong-woo, who has a different style from Shin Jin-ho, as a replacement?

카지노사이트 I’ve liked our players since before, and I heard that Jong-woo is also interested in Pohang. In the meantime, there were a lot of midfielders, so I couldn’t be together. Considering the transfer fee issue, Jong-woo was the best choice this time. I first saw Jong-woo when I was representing the 2015 Olympics. Jong-woo is technically good and has the ability to release the pressure and solve the game. If Jinho’s style is to spread the ball widely, Jongwoo’s style is to connect the ball while hitting it in a narrow space. (Park) Seung-wook and (Shin) Kwang-hun could be raised and used together with Jong-woo. There are players who can cover defensively, so Jong-woo recruited with the idea that it would be nice to show a technical side in front.

  • Players often

leave, and what kind of conversation do you have with them? do That’s how I motivate the players. (Is there any sadness?) There are times when I feel sad when I leave without sympathy. In the case of (Kang) Sang-woo, there was a sympathy with me from the beginning to the end of the transfer process. So I agreed to the transfer and congratulated him. When I don’t have that kind of sympathy, it’s a pity because I’m a human being too. But it’s unavoidable, so I’m trying to understand.

  • Does director Kim Ki-dong have the ability to overcome a crisis?

When I first became a manager in 2019, (Kim) Seung-dae left in the middle. In 2020, (Shim) Sang-min, (Kim) Yong-hwan, and (Kwon) Wan-gyu enlisted in the military. In 2021, (Song) Mingyu left in the middle. The same situation keeps repeating itself. However, we do not unleash the game according to a specific player. looking for a team So it can be difficult for a moment when a good player leaves, but after time, I think we can play our soccer again.

  • As for the key players this season, as

I mentioned earlier, we are playing as a team, so there is no need for any player to play an important role. Instead, (Kim) In-seong, (Baek) Seong-dong, and Jong-woo came.

  • Jeka, who showed a good performance in Daegu FC, joined the position of foreign striker who had a lot of worries.

He is a player who bothered us a lot when he was in Daegu. We trained together for a short time, but he had a spirit of sacrifice for the team. I thought of him as a role model for the players. I took a break from training in Hanoi because of an injury, and recently my first child was born and I am now in Brazil. return tomorrow After Ilyuchenko left, it was difficult to become a striker, but I think Zeka will be of great help to the team.

  • What is the background of Kim In-seong and Baek Seong-dong?

I pursue the style of going straight and fast to the opponent’s goal. So I needed a player with the same personality and speed. And in order for the ball to go to the front, a player who could technically play the role of a link was needed. In that respect, I recruited Sungdong thinking that he would be able to take on a different role from Inseong.

  • Kim Seung-dae was entrusted with the captain’s armband.

The captain must be recognized by the players. Seungdae came from Pohang youth, and I thought he was a player who could carry on the history and tradition of Pohang. His juniors also follow suit. So I thought it was a win. Also, since I am a player who tries harder when given responsibility, I decided to leave him as captain.

  • Parallel to the Asian Champions League (ACL) this season. At the time of parallel in 2021, the ranking was not good. how are you preparing

Although the final ranking in 2021 was low, it was 3rd until the 22nd round. Not many people remember that (laughs). At that time, (Kang) Hyeon-moo was injured and the ranking fell. This season will be different from then. It’s coming back in a home and away way, but it’s changed to a spring and autumn festival, so I’ve been able to afford it. We will accumulate enough points in the first half and plan for the next.

  • In 2021, Kang Hyeon-moo, who was hit hard by leaving, enlisted. How is the competition for the starting goalkeeper this season?

After Hyeon-moo was injured, (Yoon) Pyeong-guk did a good job. The two players will compete. Both players are in good shape during training, so they are thinking about it.

  • won the ACL runner-up in 2021. What is the ACL goal that came back?

It would be the goal of the coaches to reach a high position in all competitions. While preparing for the 2021 ACL, we talked about wanting to advance to the tournament because it is a team representing Korea. It is the same this year. It is correct to plan for the next stage after passing through the group stage. We will do well from the group stage and then set our goals again.

  • Your goal this season?

When we first met with the players ahead of this season, we talked about goals. Last year we placed third, but it was ambiguous to aim for runner-up. I couldn’t even say that 6th place was the goal. So, I decided to prepare with the goal of winning the league. However, winning isn’t just about me and the players preparing. It can be achieved only when the club, Pohang citizens, and fans work together. If a lot of fans come to the stadium and support us, I think good results will follow.

After the end of last season, he signed a three-year contract renewal.

I am grateful to the club for giving me another three years of time to achieve my long-term goal . I think he gave me that contract because he showed great potential during his 4 years of existence. Both me and the team are greedy. For the goal of winning, both the club and I have to work hard. I want to challenge myself with the goal of winning the championship within three years.

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