The sale of Manchester United is in its final stages. A deal between a group of Qatari bankers led by Sheikh Jassim and one of Britain’s richest men, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, is almost certain.

Lord Ratcliffe is said to be more likely to buy 60 percent of the club than Sheikh Jassim, who wants to buy all of it. This is because the current owners, the Glazer family, want to keep their stake and remain as co-owners of the club. But the jury is still out on that one.

If Sheikh Jassim wins the race to take over the club, he will reportedly scrap the rules set by Eric ten Hagh. This was reported by The Sun on the 27th.

It’s a bit of a shocker. Van Gaal has only been in charge for a year, won the Carabao Cup in February, and returned United to the Champions League after just one season.

Jassim’s first priority is to erase the club’s £500 million debt and rebuild the dilapidated 76,000-seat Old Trafford, as well as deliver a £5.5 billion windfall to the Glazer family. Of course, it’s 100% contingent on a full takeover. This is why United players and fans want Jasim to take over the club.

If Jassim, with his oil money, were to take over the club, he would scrap the salary cap introduced by Van Gaal. That’s good news for players, especially Rashford, who has been in contract talks with the club but hasn’t signed.

The problem is that removing the salary cap would also allow Cristiano Ronaldo to return. Ronaldo was paid £480,000 a week at Manchester United – he’s a star, he deserves it.

The problem is team chemistry. Ronaldo left the team last November after a shocking interview with Piers Morgan. At the time, Ronaldo criticized not only the club but also the manager and teammates indiscriminately. 스포츠토토

Ten Haag then reportedly told the club that if any player wanted a new contract at United, he would limit it to less than £200,000 a week. This was because there was a lot of unspoken jealousy between the players in the dressing room. This atmosphere, in his opinion, eventually led to a lack of team unity.

It”s been pointed out that Eric ten Haag”s rules were problematic. Gary Neville was concerned that it could prevent him from signing the players he needed.

If Sheikh Jassim were to take over the club and remove the wage cap, the atmosphere would likely be disrupted once again. Presumably, Jassim would throw oil money at the club to win the title, which would make the wage cap irrelevant. Ten Hagh’s horse would be out of the barn.

In the case of Neymar or Kylian Mbappe, who are currently being courted by Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), if they wanted to move to United, would they be able to do so for £200,000, less than a third of their current wages? Under Van Gaal’s rules, these two players are off-limits. Tottenham’s Harry Kane would face the same problem.

In order for Sheikh Jassim to buy United and sign these two players, he would have to tear up Ten Hague rules. The media’s analysis is that a clash between the new owner and Van Gaal is inevitable.

In his first season in charge, van Gaal led United to the Carabao Cup and a return to the Champions League a year later.

Mourinho must be thinking about his £200,000 limit, because after the Champions League qualification was confirmed, Mourinho declared that “United need better players to challenge for the title”. Better players mean money, and it’s impossible to do that while sticking to his rules.

One wonders if van Gaal will swallow his pride and comply with Sheikh Zayed’s measures in a year’s time.

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