The Samsung Lions, which had a lot of sluggish periods recently, are dreaming of a revival with the New Year.

Just as new year goals are renewed with the beginning of the year, the Samsung team will be the same.

In the 2023 season, we are dreaming of the goal of ‘winning’, but the realistic difficulties do not seem to be touched. Reporter Seok Won organized

the view of Samsung Lions in 2023 . ◀Reporter▶ Samsung Lions , who experienced the first fall baseball at Daegu Samsung Lions Park in the 2021 season , recorded 13 consecutive losses in the middle of the 2022 season, and fall baseball collapsed. Eventually, it led to the resignation of the director midway. Coach Park Jin-man, who took the baton as acting head coach , ended the season by taking care of the team in crisis, but the various problems the team experienced are still ongoing. In particular , the absence of key players from the beginning of the season was a pity for the team until the end. ◀Samsung Lions Manager Park Jin-man▶

“Because the player base is a bit thin, there were a little lack of players who could cope with the lack of such (main axis) players… So now that I came to the second half, I thought, ‘I need to increase the depth’, so now I can appoint young players like that. You did a lot.”

The performance of the young players drew attention, but the gap between the players and the vacancy of the substitute left a pity.

For Samsung, who missed not only external free agents but also internal free agents, the comfort is the point where they caught all three foreign players, who can be said to be top-notch in the KBO league . In the opinion of experts, the chances of winning in 2023 are low. However, the determination of the Samsung team is heading high. ◀Samsung Lions Oh Seung-hwan▶ “After achieving good results, the first goal is to win the Korean Series… I will try my best to fill Samsung Lions fans and do my best in Raphak.” Samsung, which dreams of revival, is expected to be the key to the revival of the dynasty in the 2023 season as to how much performance it will bring at the Okinawa camp in February . This is MBC News Seokwon. (Video coverage Jang Woo-hyun) 먹튀검증

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