Lee Kang-in (22) has emerged as the ace of Mallorca. Compared to Crystal Palace’s core midfielder Everech Eze. It was said that Wolverhampton Wanderers could hold ‘Wolverhampton Bay Eze’.

On the 18th (Korean time), Football Fancast, a professional football organization in the UK, said, ‘Lopetegi Wolverhampton coach can have his own agenda by recruiting Lee Kang-in’.

This season, Lee Kang-in is definitely Mallorca’s strong two-top player. Along with his teammate Muriki, he is the key to Mallorca’s attack and is a striking striker in La Liga.

His greatest strength, his left-footed kick and ability to escape, are at their peak. Defense, stamina, speed and activity, which were cited as his weaknesses, have also been completely improved.

Of course, his performance has been completely upgraded. He gets good ratings every game. His GPA average is a whopping 7.1. In particular, he showed perfect appearance in non-Celta classics, and scored his first individual multi-goal against Getafe.

At first, there were rumors of a transfer to AT Madrid. Lee Kang-in has an emission option clause of 17 million euros (approximately 24.7 billion won). Looking at the current performance, it is a very ‘cheap’ amount. However, AT Madrid did not pay the cost of Lee Kang-in’s buyout, and eventually gave up on Lee Kang-in’s recruitment. However, Lee Kang-in’s value is still on the rise.

Reporter Romano, an expert in the European transfer market, said, ‘There are several EPL clubs targeting Lee Kang-in. The next destination will be decided by the EPL.”

In fact, Wolverhampton’s local newspaper and football fancast said, “Lee Kang-in must be recruited unconditionally.”

The football fancast said, ‘Wolverhampton faced a difficult situation this season. Director Lopetegi took over in November, and Wolverhampton succeeded in surviving. He said that improving the squad this summer is the most important task. Also, ‘Wolverhampton this season is the team with the fewest goals in the EPL. In particular, the side attack was so low,” he said. “Lee Kang-in participated in 33 La Liga games, scoring 6 goals and 4 assists. According to FBref, he is statistically similar to Crystal Palace’s key midfielder Eze. Eze has scored 10 league goals, including 6 goals in his last 7 matches, and is in the top 11% of penalty-free goalscorers. If Lee Kang-in is recruited, it is like securing Wolverhampton’s own agenda,’ he argued.

Lee Kang-in is gradually raising his stock price. There are no specific offers yet, but Manchester City, Tottenham, and Wolverhampton are keeping an eye on Lee Kang-in. Wolverhampton, which needs a major team reorganization next season, needs creative players who can break the opponent’s defense in the center and on the side to reinforce their poor scoring power. Lee Kang-in is the best 먹튀검증.

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