Hyundai Capital won a set score 3-0 (25-23, 25-21, 25-18) in the 6th round match against Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Woori Card held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 24th.

With this victory, Hyundai Capital, which succeeded in winning five in a row, recorded 21-10 and 64 points, surpassing Korean Air (21-9 and 62 points) and rose to the lead again. On the other hand, Woori Card, which recorded a losing streak, finished in an uneasy 3rd place with 15 wins, 16 losses and 44 points.

Hyundai Capital led the victory with Heo Soo-bong scoring 17 points, Jeon Kwang-in 11 points, and Oreol 10 points. The game was solved with a sub 6-2 advantage and a blocking 9-7 advantage. For Woori Card, Agamez scored 11 points, Kim Ji-han 11 points, Song Hee-chae 9 points, and Na Gyeong-bok 8 points, but they did not lead to a set.

Hyundai Capital’s starters include opponent spiker Hong Dong-seon (4), outside hitter Jeon Kwang-in (2) and Oreoll (5), middle blocker Heo Soo-bong (3) and Choi Min-ho (6), setter Lee Hyeon-seung (1), and libero Park Kyung-min as starters. participated

For Woori Card, Apposite Spiker Kim Ji-han (5), Outside Hitters Na Gyeong-bok (3) and Song Hee-chae (6), Middle Blockers Lee Sang-hyeon (4) and Agamez (1), Setter Hwang Seung-bin (2), Libero Oh Jae-seong hit the court first. stepped on It was unusual that Heo Soo-bong and Agamez played as middle blockers.

1 setA tight tug-of-war continued from the beginning. With two video readings, the game time also increased. The rally, which continued with Hyundai Capital leading 15-13, came out with Oreoll’s overnet reading at the end of the video reading. Woori Card faced a 15-15 tie with Na Kyung-bok’s touchout score.

Afterwards, Na Kyung-bok’s attack on Woori Card was out, and Kim Ji-han’s attack was caught in the hands of the opponent Choi Min-ho. Even Song Hee-chae’s attack was out, and Hyundai Capital took a 19-16 lead.

Woori Card pursued with Song Hee-chae’s strong hit and Kim Ji-han’s blocking score. The ensuing rally seemed to end with Kim Ji-han’s blocking goal. However, this time, Hyundai Capital found Agamez’s fault through video reading and kept a 20-18 lead.

Our card has gained strength again. Kim Ji-han and Agamez’s witty goals tied the score at 20-20.

In the ensuing 23-23, the owner of the set was eclipsed. Hyundai Capital acquired the set. The set was finished with Na Gyeong-bok’s offense after Agamez’s serve offense. In our card, the 9 rooms in the first set were disappointing.

2 sets . At Hyundai Capital, Heo Soo-bong took the third spot as an apogee spiker. The middle blocker consisted of Park Sang-ha (2) and Choi Min-ho (5). In Woori Card, Agamez continued to start in the second spot as a middle blocker, and Na Gyeong-bok took the fourth spot.

The close match continued until 13-13. However, the trend after that was Hyundai Capital. Kwang-in Jeon’s blocking goal followed by an opponent’s serve and Min-ho Choi’s offensive goal took a 16-13 lead and entered a technical timeout. It was a matter of maintaining this three-point lead.

Our card chased. Scores from Song Hee-chae and Na Kyung-bok pushed the score to 19-20. However, in the rally that followed, Na Kyung-bok’s left blow was out, and the score widened by 2 points again.

Seizing the opportunity, Hyundai Capital ran to 22-19 with Heo Soo-bong’s strong blow. Hyundai Capital, who touched the set point with an opponent’s offense following Oreol’s strong blow, also secured the second set with Heo Soo-bong’s rear-guard strike. The score was 25-21.

3 sets . Woori Card started at number 5 with Agamez returning to Apposite Spiker. The midfield consisted of Park Jun-hyeok (4) and Lee Sang-hyeon (1). For Hyundai Capital, Heo Su-bong started at No. 4 and Oreol at No. 5.

From the beginning of the set, Hyundai Capital had the upper hand. Jeon Kwang-in’s strong hit, Park Sang-ha’s blocking goal, and Heo Soo-bong’s time-lag attack succeeded one after another, leading the team by 4 points to 13-9. Heo Soo-bong’s strike from the back and O’Reol’s serve brought the score to 16-11.

Our card chased again. After an opponent’s mistake, Agamez’s rear-guard strike ignited the pursuit, and after Lee Sang-hyun’s quick break, Agamez’s two back attacks tied the score at 17-17.

But that was it. Hyundai Capital returned to the mood with Park Sang-ha’s quick break and substitute Kim Myung-gwan’s two sub-aces. Heo Soo-bong scored a blocking goal, giving the team a 21-17 lead. Kim Seon-ho flew up from behind and scored. Hyundai Capital, who seized the victory, cheered as they finished the game with victory. 카지노

It was the moment announcing the start of the 6th round as Hyundai Capital regained the lead with a complete victory.

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