This summer, up to seven famous foreign professional soccer teams are promoting a game in Korea. It is pointed out that in 2019, special attention and thorough preparation are needed so that Juventus’ so-called ‘flying head’ situation does not recur.

According to the soccer world on the 8th, there are up to seven overseas soccer teams promoting summer games in Korea. Atletico Madrid and Manchester City visits to Korea are virtually confirmed. Madrid will face K-League All-Stars on July 27 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. It is a K-League All-Star Game personality match held at the end of July during the K-League break. Three days later, on the 30th, Madrid will play Manchester City in a warm-up match. The location is currently being promoted to Seoul.

메이저놀이터 Both teams will visit Korea at the invitation of Coupang Play. Coupang Play initially tried to invite Paris Saint-Germain in early June, but moved the date to July after it was pointed out that it overlapped with the K-League schedule. The Korea Football Association said, “After receiving two requests for approval for the visit to Korea from Coupang Play, we are reviewing whether to approve it.” Coupang brought Tottenham and Sevilla last year and played two games without difficulty. Coupang Play is a K-League OTT sponsor. As long as there are no major variables, approval is expected.

Celtic, Wolverhampton, and AS Roma are also promoting visits to Korea. According to the side promoting their visit to Korea, Celtic and Wolverhampton will compete in Suwon on July 26th. Celtic, led by Oh Hyun-kyu (22), won the Scottish League this season. Wolverhampton is a team belonging to Hwang Hee-chan (27).

AS Roma is a prestigious Italian club led by Jose Mourinho. After facing Wolverhampton in Incheon on July 29th, AS Roma planned to fight Incheon United on August 1st in Incheon as well. The Professional Football Federation has established a policy of issuing a consent form, “basically, if it does not significantly affect the domestic professional football game schedule.” However, there are no professional matches on July 26, but on the 29th, two second division matches will be held in Gyeongnam and Seongnam. In order to play a game in Korea on the 29th, the Gyeongnam and Seongnam clubs need consent.

Napoli, the Italian Serie A champion, where Kim Min-jae (27) belongs, and Mallorca, the Spanish Primera Liga, where Lee Kang-in (22) plays, are preparing to visit Korea twice earlier in early June. The scheduled dates are June 8 (Seoul World Cup Stadium) and 10 (undecided). There are no professional football matches on June 8, but on the 10th three first division matches will be held in Daegu, Ulsan and Daejeon. The federation flatly said, “If the second leg between Naples and Mallorca is to be held on the 10th, we cannot issue an agreement.”

The federation agreement is a required document that the Korea Football Association must submit to the Korea Football Association to request game approval. The association said, “Only when a request for approval of the match comes in with all the necessary documents is there, we can officially review the approval or not.”

For domestic fans, a popular overseas team’s visit to Korea can be interesting. However, federations and associations that manage and approve games in Korea cannot help but be on edge. When Cristiano Ronaldo was absent during Juventus’ visit to Korea, huge criticism was poured out, and the association and federation at the time were investigated by the police and even reprimanded by the National Assembly. The association said, “If we determine that the place promoting the game this time has problems with its ability to conduct the event or its financial condition, we will not approve the event.”

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