Cheongju KB Stars won the 2022-23 Shinhan Bank Sol Women’s Professional Basketball at Yongin Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th, thanks to Park Ji-soo, Kang I-seul, and Kim Min-jung’s performances, Lee Myeong-gwan, Kang Yu-rim, and Lee Hae-ran’s hard-fought Yongin Samsung Life Insurance 79-75 at the end of a close match. .

As a result of the day, KB Stars recorded 7 wins and 13 losses with 3 consecutive wins, narrowing the gap by 3.5 games to 4th place Incheon Shinhan Bank, and Samsung Life Insurance suffered 4 consecutive losses and 12 losses (8 wins), down one notch to 3rd place. sat down

1st Quarter, KB Stars 25-20 Samsung Life Insurance: Explosive KB Stars, tenacious Samsung Life

Samsung Life Insurance has Cho Soo-ah, Lee Myeong-gwan, Lee Hae-ran, Kang Yu-rim, and Park Hye-mi listed in the starting lineup, while KB Stars has Heo Ye-eun, Sim Seong-young, Kang Iseul, and Kim Min-jeong. , Park Ji-soo played as a starter.

KB Stars took a 9-0 lead with Heo Ye-eun, who added 5 points to Kang I-seul in the 2nd minute. Samsung Life had to request an operation time less than two minutes after the start of the game.

Samsung Life Insurance added 3 points with 3 Kang Yu-rim free throws, and KB Stars ran away. Starting with Kang Iseul jumper, Kim Min-jung made a quick break to lead 16-3. Samsung Life added a goal after a long time with Kang Yoo-rim’s jumper that exploded in the 4th minute, and KB Stars had time to organize the flow through operation time.

Lee Hae-ran hit a mid-rage jumper, and Kim Min-jung and Kim Dan-bi exchanged three points. At the end of the 5th minute, KB Stars led 19-10. Samsung Life narrowed the score gap with Jo Soo-ah and Lee Hae-ran. KB Stars’ offense and defense slowed down and narrowed the score gap. Samsung Life narrowed it down to 18-23 with about a minute left. In the end, KB Stars led by 5 points.

2nd quarter, KB Stars 43-41 Samsung Life; KB Stars to succeed in a breathless chase, reversal, and reversal

KB Stars took a step ahead with Kang I-seul scoring and defense, and Samsung Life immediately followed. It was the result of successive quick attacks and blocking concessions with high concentration of interpersonal defense. Lee Myung-gwan broke through and added a Shin dew jumper and a 3-point shot to tie the score at 28-28.

KB Stars, who allowed a tie at 2 minutes and 40 seconds, took the operation time, and Samsung Life continued to rise. Lee Myung-kwan’s 3-point shot and Lee Hae-ran’s floater led the team by 35-30, 5 points. KB Stars could hardly find a solution in the attack. Even the defense seemed to lack concentration.

KB Stars pursued. Starting with jumper Heo Ye-eun, who exploded in the middle, Park Ji-soo and Yeom Yoon-a scored consecutively, and Lee Myeong-gwan allowed only one 3-pointer for two minutes to narrow the score to 36-38. Samsung Life again took a 5-point lead thanks to Lee Myung-kwan’s 3-point shot, but KB Stars tied the score 41-41 with Kang I-seul’s 3-point lead added to Yum Yoon-ah’s layup. With 1 minute and 39 seconds remaining, Samsung Life took the operation time.

Since then, both teams’ attacks have seldom been completed. KB Stars took a 2-point lead with Kang I-seul’s free throw.

3rd Quarter, KB Stars 60-57 Samsung Life Insurance: Close match, KB Stars leading the way

KB Stars took a 47-41, 6-point lead with Park Ji-soo’s jumper and Kim Min-jung’s fast attack. Samsung Life had time to conduct operation time and maintain the battle line.

Samsung Life immediately pursued with Kang Yoo-rim’s 3-point shot, and KB Stars responded with Kim Min-jung’s free throw and Kang I-seul’s 3-point shot, putting cold water on the pursuit. Samsung Life did not lose track of the chase with Park Hye-mi’s free throw and Lee Myung-gwan’s jumper.

Samsung life continued to narrow the score gap. After blocking the run for 2 minutes, Kang Yoo-rim and Lee Hae-ran scored in a row to catch up with a 52-55, 3-point gap. KB Stars took the operation time. Yum Yoon-ah free throw and Kim Min-jung made a quick attack, leading 58-52, 6 points, and took a breather.

Samsung Life’s attacks continued to fail and for a while lost the chase flow. I left it in the 1 minute of the end and worked hard. Kang Yoo-rim’s free throw and Shin I-seul’s 3-point shot narrowed the gap to 3 points. KB Stars had to be content with leading by 3 points with Park Ji-soo scoring.

4th Quarter, KB Stars 79-75 Samsung Life Insurance: As expected, the KB Stars

One Possession game continued with three consecutive victories. KB Stars took a step forward, but Samsung Life immediately responded and did not lose their inferiority by 3 points. As the 2nd minute approached, KB Stars took the operation time.

Samsung Life Insurance succeeded in reversing gear nose. With Shin Iseul’s 3-point shot and fast break, he led 66-64. KB Stars immediately responded with Park Ji-soo and did not miss the balance.

Entering the inside of the 5th minute, KB Stars led by 1 point with Heo Ye-eun’s free throw, and took a 3-point lead with Heo Ye-eun’s breakthrough. Samsung Life Insurance showed concentration, such as kicking off the offensive rebound, but failed to make an additional point as the shooting failed one after another.

KB Stars kept running away. With two minutes left in the end, Iseul Kang took a 73-66, 6-point lead. Samsung life took the last operation time early. The attack was disappointing. 2 minutes and 7 seconds before the end, KB Stars conducted an operation timeout for line maintenance.

After Min-Jung Kim broke through the bottom of the goal, Seong-Young Shim also broke through. It was, in fact, the final score. 77-66, it was the moment to lead by 11 points. 안전놀이터

Samsung Life caught up with Kang Yu-rim and Shin I-seul with 3-pointers. It was there. KB Stars did not allow a comeback. won three consecutive victories.

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