Infielder Park Hyo-joon (27), who failed to find a place in the US Major League and was designated for assignment (DFA), has a narrower position. As he was also excluded from the list of invited players for team spring training, the possibility of a big league call-up is further reduced.

On the 2nd (Korean time), the Atlanta Braves announced a list of 26 players outside of the 40-man roster invited to spring training this season. Six infielders were invited, but Park Hyo-joon’s name was not. As a result, the possibility of entering the opening roster and early call-up is greatly reduced.

Park Hyo-joon, who started his life in the US in 2015 by graduating from Yatap High School and signing with the New York Yankees, made his big league debut only in 2021. After being traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates, he was included in the opening roster last year and raised expectations, but when the season began, he moved back and forth in the minor leagues.

A bigger ordeal came after the season was over. Even though he changed his uniform twice, he failed to find his place. Park Hyo-joon, who was designated by his original team, Pittsburgh, was also assigned by the Boston Red Sox and Atlanta, who were traded in turn. The designation assignment is part of a measure to exclude certain players from the big league expansion roster, which can have 40 players per team. 카지노

Spring training was a means to recover the position within the team in a short time, but even that failed as they did not receive an invitation. The possibility of a trade does not seem high at the moment.

It is not easy to advance to another league or return to Korea. If you want to play in the domestic league, you have to fill the grace period of two years. The issue of military service has not yet been resolved. At the age of 27 this year, he is not too young as a professional athlete. This is the reason Park Hyo-jun, who chose to go to America with passion to challenge the best stage, is especially cold this winter.

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