It’s a little known fact that Vietnamese soccer legend Park Hang Seo, former head coach of the Vietnamese national soccer team, didn’t come from a soccer family.

He was a regular student who played a little soccer on the streets until middle school (he was said to be very good at it).

He traveled to Seoul to study abroad and enrolled at Kyungshin University, where he saw members of the soccer club playing soccer (Cha Bum-geun is a Kyungshin alumnus).

He fell in love with the game and decided to play soccer. However, at 166 centimeters tall and with a dwarf physique, it was impossible for him to play soccer among the prestigious soccer team.

Through a series of twists and turns, he joined the soccer team through a mutual acquaintance and soon became a starter. He went on to play soccer at Hanyang University and even joined an unemployment team where he was able to make a living playing soccer.

He also plays for the national soccer team, albeit for just one game. There are those who disparage Park Hang-seo during his playing days, but considering that he started his elite career in high school, he may have actually been a prodigy with incredible talent.

However, he never had the opportunity to develop his soccer skills from a young age, so he didn’t have a lot of flashy personal attributes, and his career is often associated with words like “grit” and “grind. But he was such a good player that he made the league’s best eleven in 1985, leading his team to the league title.

Whenever Park reflects on his playing days, he always has regrets about his late start in soccer.

When he was coaching the Vietnamese national soccer team, he often said the same thing: that he didn’t have the opportunity to build a strong foundation from the ground up.

Now, he has finally realized his dream. He followed in the footsteps of Kyungshin’s senior, Cha Bum-geun, and created a youth soccer classroom. The only difference is that it’s in Vietnam instead of South Korea, but the big picture is the same: giving kids who have a passion for soccer a structured program.

In a recent interview, Park said, “I am happy to establish a soccer class to bring Vietnamese youth soccer to a higher level.”

The soccer class will be located in Hanoi’s Kieu Giay district. Students from primary schools will be recruited and provided with systematic training. The training facility will be staffed by experienced Korean coaches. Park is laying the groundwork for Vietnamese soccer to compete on the world stage.

It’s been a few months since Park hung up his boots at the helm of the Vietnam national soccer team, but there’s still a sense of nostalgia in the country. It’s both a personal fondness for Park and a nostalgia for the game, which was at its peak during his tenure.

Under Park’s watch, Vietnam became the first Southeast Asian nation to qualify for the World Cup after Thailand, won several trophies in Southeast Asian competitions, and broke into the top 100 in the world rankings. 메이저사이트

Unfortunately, since Philippe Trousseau took over as head coach, the team hasn’t been able to achieve the same level of success. Even now, it’s hard to find a Vietnamese soccer news story that doesn’t mention Park Hang Seo.

However, the nostalgia for the former coach may be even stronger now that he has opened a youth soccer class in Vietnam.

Let’s take a moment to talk about the Cha Bum-geun soccer class. Established in 1988, the Cha Bum Geun Soccer Club has been instrumental in the development of some of South Korea’s greatest soccer players, including Chung Jo Gook. But it has also contributed to the broader soccer infrastructure in the country, with actors Lee Min Ho, Kwon Yul, and musician Din Din all coming from Cha Bum Geun Soccer Club. And they’re not shy about sharing their childhood memories, saying, “I’m from Cha Bum Geun Soccer Club.” The club has become an intangible social infrastructure, building an invisible network. 메이저사이트

Once the Park Hangseo soccer class is established, there may be many Vietnamese entrepreneurs, politicians, actors, and singers who graduated from Park Hangseo’s class. If they build relationships and networks under the name of Park Hangseo, it will contribute to the synergy between Korea and Vietnam.

Park Hang-seo, the coach, left Vietnam, but Park Hang-seo, the soccer player, never left Vietnam. In time, Park Hang-seo has transcended the category of soccer and become something irreplaceable that binds Korea and Vietnam together.

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