Former Doosan player Oh Jae-won, who made waves with his “Park Chan-ho sniping” remarks, has come under fire for another comment.

Oh was commentating on the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBL League game between NC and SSG in Changwon NC on Tuesday. Oh currently serves as a commentator for Sports TV.

The criticism of Oh’s remarks came during the batting practice. Masan Middle School baseball player Kim Jae-kyung was introduced as someone who is pursuing his dream of playing professional baseball with donations from NC.

On that day, a caster encouraged Kim Jae-kyung, saying, “Isn’t he a player who can be expected to play professionally in the near future?” and that he was dreaming of joining the NC.

Oh Jae Won replied, “But life isn’t that easy,” to which the caster pointed out, “Don’t you think you should say something warmer to a growing sprout?”

Oh defended his remarks by saying, “I’m just saying that I want to go up to Doosan, Seoul, or LG.”

Oh’s comments have been criticized by baseball fans. They pointed out that he was referring to Doosan, the team he played for as a professional, but he was not showing any consideration for NC fans. He also faced criticism for being inappropriate for a youth player 안전놀이터.

Furthermore, Oh Jae-won has recently apologized and returned to the commentary panel after publicly sniping at Park Chan-ho, so there are still some cold eyes on him.

“I don’t think they know how grateful I am that the whole country woke up at dawn to support him,” Oh said in an interview with a media outlet published on YouTube on March 10.

“There are not a few players who made fools of him while commentating, and I don’t think he has ever taken responsibility for it,” he said, emphasizing that “there is not a single person who says no.”

Oh’s comments were criticized as “unreasonable,” and he eventually posted an apology. “I would like to apologize once again for my imprudent words that dared to ‘dilute’ those days and memories that were a source of courage and hope,” he said, “I will compensate with careful words in a reflective attitude and in-depth commentary with a heart that loves baseball.”

The game, which was commentated by Oh, saw NC defeat SSG 7-0.

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