What kind of performances will Tae-in Won (Samsung Lions), Young-pyo Ko, and So-jun So (above KT Wiz) show this year, who conducted special training in Miami, USA throughout the winter.

The three players, who are currently active as pitchers representing the KBO League, spent a meaningful time during their inactivity. Audrey Samer Despine, a foreign pitcher who played for KT from 2020 to 2022, invited Young-pyo Ko and Joon So-jun to joint training and invited them to his American mansion. has been training for the new season.

It is not easy to train in the cold winter in Korea, so you can often see some players spending their own money to train abroad during inactive periods, but it is not easy to go out every time because it is expensive.

In the midst of this, Despine’s proposal was an opportunity that did not come easily. By training in warm Florida, the best conditions were prepared to prepare for the season in better condition than usual. Freed from the restrictions of the weather, the three players sweated and prepared for the new season for about a month.

Above all, it was a great income to train with players representing the Major League (MLB). Despine’s training ground had Aroldis Chapman (Kansas City Royals), who made a name for himself as a fastball closer, and Sandy Alcantara (Miami Marlins), who won the 2022 National League unanimous Cy Young Award.

Just watching the routines and training methods of MLB top pitchers up close was a great stimulus to the three pitchers. 스포츠토토

Won Tae-in, who temporarily returned to Korea after completing a special training in Miami to participate in the spring camp, said, “I felt and learned a lot while training in the United States. I felt that I was a ‘frog in the well’, and I think I trained harder.”

The effect of the special training in the United States can be confirmed at the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which will open in March. All three boarded the WBC Korean national team led by coach Lee Kang-cheol. The three players are expected to play a pivotal role in the pitching team, which includes a large number of young players. It is interesting to see how much it will change.

Enough motivation. Won Tae-in, Go Young-pyo, and So Joon So-jun all completed negotiations for the 2023 season salary at an increased amount compared to last year.

Koh Young-pyo signed a 130 million won increase to 430 million won, and Won Tae-in (50 million won increase, 350 million won) and So Joon So-jun (120 million won increase, 320 million won) also added to last season’s performance. was rewarded for Now all that remains is to show the results in practice.

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