Tom Brady (46), the best player of all time in the NFL, who announced his retirement again, had an impact on the history of the major leagues. 토토사이트

The US Sporting News reported on the 2nd (Korean time) that all players nominated by the Montreal Expos in the past have withdrawn from active duty due to Brady’s retirement.

Montreal was founded in 1969 as the predecessor of the Washington Nationals and maintained its association until 2004. Montreal’s signature players include Gary Carter and Vladimir Guerrero.

Previously, Brady was selected in the 18th round by Montreal in the 1995 Major League Baseball Draft. This is number 507 in total. Brady was a right-handed, left-handed catcher. 토토사이트

But Brady chose to attend college instead of joining Montreal, and jumped into the NFL in 2000 after being drafted in the 6th round by the New England Patriots.

Since then, Brady has risen to the ranks of the greatest players of all time with 7 Super Bowl wins, 3 MVPs of the season, and 5 Super Bowl MVPs.

Brady announced his retirement once last year, but reversed it 40 days later. But Brady is already 46 years old. This time, it is not expected to be reversed.

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