Lee Kang-in (22) is more likely to leave Mallorca for a bigger stage. Last winter, Mallorca did not allow Lee Kang-in to transfer, but after the season, the atmosphere is accepting the breakup. There is even an analysis that Mallorca has already found a replacement for Lee Kang-in.

On the 7th (Korean time), Spain’s El Goldithal said, “Mallorca has already found a player to replace Lee Kang-in this summer.” said.

Previously, Lee Kang-in received love calls from Atletico Madrid (Spain), Newcastle United, and Aston Villa (above England) in the transfer market in January. A local transfer expert even analyzed that there is a 90% chance that Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca and transfer to a bigger club.

However, Mallorca nailed that there would be no transfer of Lee Kang-in unless a buyout (transfer allowed amount) was presented. According to coach Javier Aguire and general manager Pablo Ortels, Lee’s buyout is 30 million euros (approximately 41.7 billion won). This was the background in which the transfer was canceled even after AT Madrid offered up to 20 million euros (approximately 27.8 billion won) for the recruitment of Lee Kang-in.

Lee Kang-in publicly expressed his dissatisfaction, such as unfollowing the Mallorca club on social media. However, from Mallorca’s point of view, it was difficult to transfer Lee Kang-in, a key player, during the season. Eventually, as the transfer market closed, Lee Kang-in’s transfer became a non-issue. At least this season, Lee Kang-in and Mallorca’s companionship continued.

Instead, Mallorca seems to be preparing to break up with Lee Kang-in after this season. It is in the same context that he picked Martin Baturina (20), an attacking midfielder from Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia), as a replacement for Kang-in Lee. Baturina plays a key role in the team’s offense, scoring 5 goals and 6 assists this season, and Baturina is considered to be the first player to play a similar role when Lee Kang-in leaves. 온라인바카라

The media said, “Mallorca put all their effort in protecting Lee Kang-in last winter, but this summer, the situation is bound to change.” It was predicted that some of the proceeds from the transfer fee obtained by transferring Lee Kang-in will be used to recruit Baturina.”

Reporter Kim Myung-seok

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