Kim Hye-seong (24, Kiwoom Heroes) chose ‘reinforcement of long hitting power’ as a goal for 2023. Can he have a splendid season like Lee Jung-hoo (25, Kiwoom) in the 2022 season?

Kim Hye-sung recorded a career high last year and had an unforgettable season. With his sophisticated contact skills, he won the Golden Glove at second base with a batting average of 0.318 (164 hits in 516 at-bats), 4 homers, 48 ​​RBIs, 34 stolen bases, and an OPS of 0.776.

Kim Hye-seong, who had his best year, pointed out a point to go further. It’s just an improvement in stamina. After debuting as a professional in 2017, he was far from his long hit last year to record a 40% slugging percentage (0.403) for the first time. After the season, Kim Hye-seong expressed her will to reinforce her long hits, saying, “My goal for next season is to increase my long hits.

Kim Hye-sung’s long hitting power is drawing attention. This is because the trend is similar to Lee Jung-hoo, who grew into the best hitter in the league thanks to an increase in slugging power last year.

Lee Jung-hoo worked hard to strengthen his long shots by building up his muscle mass ahead of last season. His efforts immediately yielded results. In 2022, Lee Jung-hoo stepped on the first 20 home run high in his debut, and performed outstandingly, ranking first in the league’s slugging percentage (0.575). He was reborn as a complete player by adding power to his sophisticated contact ability, and swept various award ceremonies, including 5 batting crowns (batting average, RBI, hits, slugging percentage, on-base percentage) and league MVP selection.

If Kim Hye-sung reinforces his long hit like Lee Jung-hoo, he can have a positive effect on both the player and the team. Players can increase their value, and the team can improve the slugging numbers that were sluggish last year (9th in team slugging percentage, 0.364). It will help each other.

Kim Hye-seong, who aimed to develop long hits, watched Lee Jung-hoo, who improved his long hitting power throughout the season, and conveyed his intention to approach with caution. “(Lee) Jung-hoo and I are different players. I think I need to practice the method that suits me and get better,” he explained about his off-season training plan.

Kim Hye-sung’s 2023 season is already raising expectations. I wonder what kind of effect her goal of slugging will have on the player and the team.스포츠토토

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