Kim Se-bin is the second daughter of “volleyball couple” Kim Cheol-soo (53), president of KEPCO, and Kim Nam-soon (53), former playing coach of Korea Tobacco Ginseng Corporation (now KGC Ginseng Corporation). Her father was a middle blocker and her mother an outside hitter. Kim learned to play volleyball for fun from her mother, and started playing seriously in the fourth grade at Pajang Elementary School in Suwon. “I watched volleyball on TV all the time from a young age, so I think I naturally thought, ‘I want to try it, too,'” Kim says. Even now, after a game, I ask my parents for advice on every single move.”

Kim, a former coach of the national team, said, “Se-bin still lacks power and stamina. She needs to improve her strength and stamina so that she can showcase her skills in the professional arena.” “My mom definitely had a different level of power,” Kim said.

Kim’s role model is Yang Hyo-jin (34, Hyundai E&C), the “blocking queen” of the V League. “I have a variety of angles when attacking and a quick wrist snap,” Kim said of her strengths. “I’m confident in attacking, but I think it’s more important to be good at blocking in the pros. I want to learn Hyo-jin’s hand shape, steps, and everything else,” she said, adding, “I will be a hardworking and good player 메이저사이트.”

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