LG caught the DB with a last-minute band and won 7 consecutive wins.

Changwon LG met Wonju DB in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Round 4 match held at Wonju Sports Complex on the 17th and won 82-81. 2nd place LG’s season record was 18 wins and 12 losses. The ride with leader Anyang KGC is 3.5 games. 안전놀이터

The performances of Kim Jun-il (201cm, C) and Asem Marey (202cm, C) shone. Kim Joon-il scored 18 points in just 16 minutes and 12 seconds. Marey also played in 17 minutes and 24 seconds, but posted 17 points and 9 rebounds. Lee Kwan-hee (190cm, G) played a big role in the game.

1Q. Wonju DB 19-12 Changwon LG: Passing point

[List of both teams] (DB is in front)

  • Wonju DB: Won Jong-Hoon-Lee Sun Albano-Choi Seung-Wook-Yoon Seong-Won-Lenard Freeman
  • Changwon LG: Lee Jae-Do-Yoon Won-Sang-Jung Hee-Jae-Jung In-Deok-Asem Marey

DB Ga had to change with the resignation of former head coach Lee Sang-beom. Coach Kim Joo-seong, the ‘Legend of DB’, was appointed as acting manager.
Kim Joo-seong, acting DB manager, led the team to victory in their coaching debut against Ulsan Hyundai Mobis. The big lineup, which utilized Choi Seung-wook (193cm, F) as acting manager Kim Joo-seong, as number 2, was effective.
However, Kim Jong-gyu (207cm, C) missed the match due to corona positive. Acting manager Kim Joo-seong had to come up with a different lineup instead of a big lineup.
Kim Joo-seong’s acting manager choice was Won Jong-hun (175cm, G) and Yoon Seong-won (196cm, F). DB’s starting lineup, consisting of Won Jong-hoon and Yoon Seong-won, took a 10-2 lead in the middle of the first quarter.
DB’s attack flow was smooth. All players on the court participated in the attack. They threw their shots confidently and did not delay their attacks.
Lee Seon Albano (185cm, G) was not at all taken aback by Yoon Won-sang (180cm, G)’s pressure defense. He scored 10 points in the first quarter alone.
DB completely took the first quarter. Both offense and defense were passing points.

2Q. Changwon LG 38-37 Wonju DB : Secret to 2nd place

[Comparison of scoring trend by time period in the 2nd quarter of both teams] (LG is in front)

  • Start ~ 8 minutes 6 seconds before the end of the 2nd quarter : 5-3
  • 8 minutes 6 seconds before the end ( DB Operation Time) ~ 3 minutes 22 seconds before the end : 15-9
  • 3 minutes 22 seconds before the end (DB Operation Time) ~ End : 6-6
  • LG Kim Joon-il 2nd quarter record: 5 minutes 36 seconds, 10 points (2 points : 5/5)

Contrary to expectations before the season, LG is cruising to 2nd place. The secret to LG’s second place is the use of various rotations. LG coach Cho Sang-hyun assembles the squad according to the opponent and the game situation.
Coach Cho Sang-hyun replaced all players except Asem Marey at the start of the second quarter. Han Sang-hyeok (183cm, G) – Lee Kwan-hee – Justin Gutang (190cm, F) – Seo Min-soo (197cm, F) were put in.
Cho Sang-hyun’s new lineup changed the flow of the game. Han Sang-hyeok and Gutang solved the rather frustrating development of the attack. At the same time, Marey’s score also exploded. LG tied the score 24-24 with 6 minutes and 10 seconds left in the second quarter.
Afterwards, LG was pushed back by DB’s fierce counterattack. However, Dante Cunningham (203cm, F) succeeded in reversing with a dunk shot following a steal (32-31).
The performance of Kim Jun-il, who returned from injury, also shone. The shots I tried in the paint zone were 100 shots.
LG maintained its lead until the end of the 2nd quarter. He showed the secret to maintaining the 2nd place.

3Q. Wonju DB 62-62 Changwon LG: Only one chance

[DB record for key players until the 3rd quarter]

  • Dewan Hernandez: 11:19, 14 points (2 points: 6/7), 2 rebounds, 2 blocked shots
  • Lee Seon Albano: 23 minutes 58 seconds, 12 points (3 points: 2/2, free throws: 2/3) 1 rebound, 6 assists
  • Park In-woong: 19 minutes 23 seconds, 10 points (2 points: 2/2, 3 points: 2/3) 2 rebounds (Attack 1)
  • Lenard Freeman: 18 minutes 41 seconds, 4 points 11 rebounds (Attack 2) 1 assists

LG steadily widened the score car with the players’ even points. In the third quarter, all five players who played first scored in order once.
LG scored 17 points with 5 minutes and 7 seconds left at the end of the third quarter. Even so, there was no LG player who scored more than 5 points. He showed a harmonious attack.
However, turnover caught LG’s ankle. Jeong In-deok (196cm, F) made a pass miss with a 7-point gap.
DB did not miss the opportunity. Park In-woong (190cm, F) and Yoon Seong-won followed with a 1-point gap with consecutive 3-point shots (54-55).
Ho-Young Jeong (186cm, G) then took advantage of the opportunity gained from Marey’s attacker foul. He scored with a breakthrough with Marey in front. It brought DB’s dominance.
DB took advantage of the opportunity that came only once. The third quarter ended with a tie.

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