“There are not enough left-handed pitchers compared to right-handers. I will put my heart and soul into nurturing a lefty,”

Lee Seung-yeop (47) said at the airport before departing for Sydney. Of course, it is true that Doosan’s left-handed depth has become thinner, with veteran Jang Won-joon (38) not being as good as before and Ham Deok-joo (28) leaving, but that doesn’t mean they are just weak. Currently, Doosan has the best left-handed pitcher resources in the league.

The first is Lee Byung-hun (20). He is a promising player who was nominated as the 1st pick even at the cost of missing a year due to MCL surgery. He went down with an elbow injury during a practice game and has been out for more than a year since then. He is also a player that Doosan Manager Yoon-hyeok has been keeping an eye on since his days at Yeongdong Middle School.

Lee Byung-hun’s greatest strength is his fast ball. He doesn’t have a high RBI, but he throws a sharp fastball that emanates from the side based on a quick arm swing. He is said to be able to exert his power against left-handed hitters in the pro, and that’s why. He also led Seoul High School to the finals while waiting for the phoenix in the second year. At the time Lee Byung-hun was there, it was Seoul High School’s last national championship final. He showed a high-quality slider with a fastball of 148 km / h, the highest at the time.

Until the second year, Lee Byung-hun was rated higher than Hwang Jun-seo. Here, he is also known for his good character. An official from Seoul High School said, “The players who graduated from Seoul High School are generally freewheeling. If Ahn Jae-seok has the charm of the MZ generation, Lee Byung-hun is a purebred player. He hinted that he is a player who is likely to be loved by coach Lee Seung-yeop because of his serious personality.” 토토사이트

A Doosan official I met in Jamsil was confident that “I will be able to play an active role from the beginning of the season to the middle.” Doosan’s strategy for utilizing Lee Byung-hun is to train him as a bullpen in the short term and as a starter in the long term.

The Sydney camp is also praised. Legend Koo Dae-seong smiled with a satisfied smile, saying, “I don’t think there is anything to worry about.” Director Lee Seung-yeop’s eye print has already been clearly taken. If Choi Seung-yong (22) takes his place as the 5th starter, Lee Byung-hun’s frequency of use is expected to increase even more.

It has not yet been confirmed, but there is one more player that Doosan has in mind. This is Hwang Jun-seo (18, 3rd year of Jangchung High School), a 3rd year student at Jangchung High School. He talked about the lack of left-handed pitchers on the field. Naturally, the Doosan scouting team is looking at this full draft with left-handed pitchers as their top priority. Even in high school baseball, lefties are still lacking. Doosan, which holds the second overall pick, is focusing on Hyun-seok Jang (3rd year at Masan Yongma High School), Jun-seo Hwang, Hyun-ki Son, and Hwi-gun Kim (3rd year at Whimoon High School). Currently, unless Jang Hyun-seok advances to the major leagues, Hwang Jun-seo is most likely to be nominated.

Hwang Jun-seo has good control and has a good body shape. Above all, he shows the feeling that the tip of his ball is stretching out in front of the batter. In addition, the ability to use breaking balls such as sliders is also at a high level. Kim Dong-heon (19, Kiwoom), who received Hwang Jun-seo’s credit, admits, “Only by the standards of the sophomore year, he is better than Yeong-cheol.” An official from a local club scout said, “At this point, he is the best left-hander in high school. Of course, he also has good hands. But he’s still jagged. Hwang Jun-seo has the difference that he is the type of player who can be used right away in the professional world, even as a midfielder.”

If Jang Hyun-seok advances to the US, there is a high possibility that Doosan will also be interested in Son Hyun-ki (Jeonju high school senior). He is currently being watched with great interest. In the last Daegu League, Doosan Bears team leader Yoon Hyuk and others closely watched Son Hyun-ki’s pitching game. In particular, he watched all of the Yushin Classic 3 innings 7K matches and made a cool evaluation. The evaluation of Son Hyun-gi is still reserved. Although his control is much better than before, it is not enough to catch the ball while maintaining his speed. His redemption is faster than Hwang Jun-seo, but the evaluation so far is that there is a big difference from Hwang Jun-seo in terms of stability.

The Doosan Bears took 9th place last year, but this year they are considered a top candidate. No one expects that they will rank 9th for two consecutive years as Yang Eui-ji is recruited and a solid team is formed. Many Doosan officials are also putting their heart and soul into the full draft, saying, “I don’t know when this opportunity will come again.”

If Lee Byung-hun is the present coming in April, Hwang Jun-seo is an uncertain future that may come after next year’s season. It is still unknown whether Lee Byung-hun will be able to settle down in the first team this season or whether Hwang Jun-seo will be appointed. But it’s a project worth doing.

Can the grand left-hander project that Doosan has in its heart succeed? If successful, the Doosan Bears’ left-hander troubles may be solved at once.

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