In the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring 2nd Week 5 Day 2 match held at Lol Park located in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 22nd, kt Rolster lost 1 set against Nongshim Red Force and won the following 2 sets, winning 1 win and 1. Week 1 ended with a loss.

‘Kiin’ Ki-in Kim took out Urgot after 304 days against Xante in the first set. However, ‘Sylvie’ Seung-bok Lee’s Oh-gong shook kt Rolster in all directions, and in the end, In-seong ‘Vital’ Ha In-seong’s Jerry grew into a Nodes and prepared time and play to sweep up kills in each teamfight.

KT Rolster also tried to cut Jerry, but it was not Nongshim Red Force to look at. Nongshim Red Force used snowballs rolled from the beginning to allow no room for reversal, and they unilaterally knocked kt Rolster every teamfight and took the lead with a set score of 1:0.

However, kt Rolster, which is full of experienced players, did not back down. As Kassadin was released during the ban-pick process, Nongshim and kt shared Kassadin and Yone as midfielders. Kwak Bo-seong’s Yone of ‘Bidi-D’ gained wings in his growth before showing off his true firepower with Kassadin’s item selection.

In the end, Nongshim, who was pushed out of power, had no choice but to give the object to kt, and kt, who also scored in management, gradually seized the victory.

In the 3rd set ban pick, kt had a variable to pick Zach, and rolled a snowball while slowly gnawing at Nongshim. At one point, the snowball rolled by kt was too big and burdensome for Nongshim to block, and in the 28th minute, he was hunted down in a top-line teamfight and gave up the victory. After reorganization, kt turned the enemy camp into a mess and put an end to the game. 바카라사이트

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