Coach Marcello Abondanza (53, Italy), who newly took the baton of Heungkuk Life Insurance, raised his thumb toward the “Volleyball Empress” Kim Yeon-kyung (35 Heungkuk Life Insurance).

Coach Abondanza will make his V-League debut in a home game against Korea Expressway Corporation in the 5th round of the 2022-2023 Dodram V League Women’s Division held at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 23rd. He entered the country on the 18th and signed a contract with Heungkuk Life Insurance, and on the 22nd he completed registration procedures such as visa issuance and took command of the game for the first time that day.

Heungkuk Life Insurance had a vacant supervisor position for over a month recently. Former coach Kwon Sun-chan was suddenly hardened and suffered severe internal conflict, and the season was played under the acting system of coach Kim Dae-kyung.

Despite the chaotic atmosphere, the players showed a cohesive force that united as one. Conflicts were quickly settled around Kim Yeon-kyung, and they rose to the top of the regular league without realizing it.

However, it is not possible to keep the directorship vacant. The world-renowned head coach Abondanza was appointed as the command tower, the ‘last puzzle’ for the championship, and a complete team was formed.

Abondanza started his coaching career in the Italian league in 1996. He has served as coach of the Italian national team and manager of the Bulgarian, Canadian and Greek national teams. He also led international clubs such as Lavita Baku (Azerbaijan), Fenerbahce (Turkey), and Chanetti Bergamo (Italy).

In the meantime, I have left many achievements as a leader, but this is the first time on the V-League stage. Coach Abondanza, who is taking on a new challenge in the V-League while holding the baton of Heungkuk Life Insurance, said, “I am about to start a new life. It is a new challenge in volleyball.” said. “I want to show my ability as the first foreign manager of Heungkuk Life Insurance,” he said.

He reunited with Kim Yeon-kyung, who had a moment of glory in the past in the Turkish League. During the 4 seasons from the 2013-2014 season, coach Abondanza won two championships and runner-up with Kim Yeon-kyung at Turkiye Fenerbahce, and won the European Volleyball Federation (CEV) Cup together. After coach Abondanza returned to his home league after the 2016-2017 season, the two met again after six years at Heungkuk Life Insurance.

A long time has passed, but the Kim Yeon-kyung seen by director Abondanza is still the same. He praised, “Needless to say, he is the best player in the world. He was adjusting well in Korea and is doing his best.”

However, the accompaniment between director Abondanza and Kim Yeon-kyung may not last long. Because Kim Yeon-kyung recently suggested retirement. In response, director Abondanza said, “There are many rumors like this in Europe. But I don’t believe it.” He continued, “I talked to Kim Yeon-kyung that it was nice to meet you after a long time, and we only had a conversation about playing good volleyball with each other.” 온라인바카라

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