Praise for ‘Blue Iron Pillar’ Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) continues.

According to Italy’s ‘Area Napoli’ on the 28th (Korean time), Ivan Zacharoni (65), editor-in-chief of Italy’s ‘Corriere dell’Sport’, appeared on ‘Auto Channel”s ‘La Domenica Azzurra’, and Napoli, which is about to win Serie A, While evaluating “,” Kim Min-jae was mentioned and attention was drawn.

First of all, Zacharoni said, “Napoli’s tactical superiority is unmatched by any other team in the past 20 years. More than that. Personally, I think of Arrigo Sacchi’s AC Milan. It may only last a year, but for now it is,” he said of Napoli.

Saki managed Milan from 1987 to 1991 and 1996 to 1997. In the 1987-1988 season, his first season, he won Serie A and won the European Cup successively (1989, 1990), the predecessor of the Champions League. Coach Saki led the Italian national team to the semi-finals of the 1994 FIFA World Cup USA.

Zacharoni praised Kim Min-jae, “If I were in Naples, I would have been more careful not to lose Kim Min-jae. He is active as the world’s best defender with steadiness and skill. He never misses anything except when he goes to the bathroom.” .

This pointed out concerns about Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause. Napoli inserted a buyout clause in the contract with Kim Min-jae in July of last year. If you pay the buyout amount for two weeks from July 1st to 15th after the end of this season, you can negotiate with Kim Min-jae. However, it is limited to clubs outside of Italy.

Kim Min-jae’s buyout, known to local media, is expected to range from at least 45 million euros (about 62.9 billion won) to 50 million euros (about 69.8 billion won). However, as the season began, inquiries from big clubs such as Manchester United (Man United), Tottenham, Liverpool, Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) poured in, and Napoli belatedly tried to increase the buyout amount.

Initially, Napoli tried to sign a new contract with Kim Min-jae and eliminate the buyout amount, but faced opposition from Kim Min-jae and turned to raising the buyout amount to 65 million euros (approximately 90.8 billion won). Kim Min-jae’s side wants a double salary increase. Kim Min-jae is currently receiving 2.5 million euros (approximately 3.5 billion won) after tax. Napoli is offering a raise to 3.2 million euros (about 4.5 billion won). 안전놀이터

Zacharoni emphasized that Kim Min-jae should not be taken away by foreign clubs, saying, “If there is a buyout clause, big clubs will have no difficulty paying 60 million euros (about 83.9 billion won) in cash. We must resist.

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