The 2023 Korean football division 1-4 referee entry has been finalized.

The Korea Football Association (KFA) announced on the 18th the list of referees to be active in the 2023 season professional football K1 and K2 and amateur adult leagues K3 and K4 leagues. This list was confirmed by the association refereeing committee based on the individual rating rankings in 2022 and the results of the physical fitness test conducted earlier this year.

The total number of referees who will be active in K League 1, K League 2, K3 League, and K4 League this year is 135. There are 15 referees in K League 1, 17 in K League 2, and a total of 39 in K3 and K4. There are 15 assistant referees in K League 1, 14 in K League 2, and 35 in K3 and K4.

In addition, among the referees who did not work as field referees in professional games, there are 10 VMO (Video Match Official) referees who are put in to review K-League 1 and K-League 2 videos.

Until last year, the K3 and K4 league referees were operated separately, but this year, it was decided to integrate them and assign them. The Korea Football Association explained, “It is to enhance the ability of referees through competition and expand the range of referee selection.”

Accordingly, even if they are assigned to a K4 League game, if they prove their excellent ability, they will be put into the K3 League game in the next game. Conversely, if a team is assigned to a K3 game and lacks capacity, it is assigned to the K4 league for the next game. 헤라카지노

Also, starting this year, we plan to operate a professional preliminary referee system composed of young referees with potential for development among amateur league referees. This year, the first year, 10 people (6 chief referees and 4 assistant referees) were selected. As they are usually put into the K3 and K4 leagues, they will take VAR training and other preparations to be promoted to professional league referees in the future.

In accordance with the recommendation of FIFA (International Football Federation), which allows excellent female referees to compete in men’s games, four female referees who have passed the physical fitness test will be specially put into each league.

2023 season K1 ~ K4 league referee list (in alphabetical order)

■ K1 referees (15): Hyung-Jin Ko, Dae-Yong Kim, Young-Soo Kim, Yong-Woo Kim, Woo-Sung Kim, Jong-Hyuk Kim, Hee-Gon Kim, Byung-Jin Park, Min-Seok Song, Yong-Jun Shin, Jae-Hoon Ahn, Dong-Jun Lee, Dong-Sik Jeong, Sang-Hyeop Chae, Hyun-Jae Choi

■ K1 assistant referees (15): Kang Dong-ho, Kwak Seung-soon, Kim Gye-yong, Kim Ji-wook, Park Gyun-yong, Park Sang-joon, Bang Gi-yeol, Sung Joo-kyung, Song Bong-geun, Yang Jae-yong, Yoon Jae-yeol, Lee Jung-min, Jang Jong-pil, Ji Seung-min, Chun Jin-hee

■ K2 referees (17): Kim Do-yeon, Kim Jae-hong, Park Se-jin (Women), Park Jeong-ho (promoted), Park Jong-myung, Seo Dong-jin, Seong Deok-hyo, Oh Hyun-jung (female), Oh Hyun-jin, Lee Ji-hyung (promoted), Lim Jeong-soo, Jeong Hoi-soo, Cho Ji-eum, Choi Kwang-ho, Choi Kyu-hyeon, Choi Seung-hwan, Choi Cheol-jun

■ K2 assistant referees (14) ): Kang Do-jun, Koo Eun-seok, Kim Dong-min (promoted), Kim Soo-hyeon ( promoted), Kim Jong-hee (*promoted), Park Nam-soo, Seo Yeong-kyu, Seol Gwi-seon, Shin Jae-hwan, Lee Byung-ju, Lee Yang-woo, Lee Young-woon, Joo Hyun-min, Hong Seok-chan

■ Pro reserve referee (6) Name) : Go Min-guk, Seo Dong-hwan, Hyo-young Yoo, Myung-hee Won, Kyung-soon Lee, Joo-ho Lee

■ Pro reserve assistant referees (4): Kim Hyun-jin, Baek Seung-min, Son Jong-sik, Lee Hwa-pyeong

■ K3, K4 league referees (33): Kim Ki-hyeon (promoted), Kim Dong-in, Kim Min-cheol, Kim Yu-jeong (female), Kim Jeong-ho, Kim Joong-dong, Kim Jin-hyo, Kim Hyung-jin (promoted), Ryu Hyun-seong, Moon Yong-geun, Park Myung-ho (promoted), Park Young-rok, Park Jeong-bok, Park Jin-ho, Park Chang-hwan, Woo Byeong-hun, Won Jong-hoon, Lee Seung-ho, Lee Young-kyun, Lee Tae-ho, Lee Tae-hoon, Jang Sun-taek, Jeon Gye-ho, Jeon Taek-soo, Jo Ji-ho ( promoted), Choi Ki-chang , Choi Il-woo, Pyo Jae-hyeon (promoted), Ha Heon-seop, Hyeon Seong-il (promoted), Hyun Tae-yang (*promoted), Hwang Dae-

joo, Hwang Seon-ik , Youngha Kim, Youyoung Kim, Taeyang Kim, Taewon Kim, Hakman Kim (promoted), Hojin Kim (promoted), Hongkyu Kim, Seongil Na, Sihong Ryu (promoted), Kyusam Park, Seohyeon Park, Junghwan Song, Seongbae Ahn, Kiwon Yoo, Eunhee Yoon (female), Sanggil Lee ( Lee Sang-min, Lee Sang-ki, Lee Yong-seong, Lee Hyeon-mo (promoted), Lim Gil-gang, Jang Ki-jin, Jang Min-ho, Choi Hwi-bin (promoted), Hwang Bo-jin-hyeon, Hwang Shin-yeong

■ VMO (10 people): Kim Kyung-min (female), Kim Dong-in, Kim Dong-jin, Kim Seong-ho, Kim Yoo-jung (female), Mae Ho-young, Park Jin-ho, Lee Seul-gi (female), Choi Dae-woo, Choi Il

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