The quarterfinals of the ‘2023 Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang LPBA Championship’ were compressed into a confrontation between Kim Jin-ah and Lim Jung-sook, Yong Hyun-ji and Kim Gap-seon, Kim Ye-eun and Baek Min-ju, and Kim Bo-mi and Jeong So-ra.

In the round of 16 of the ‘2023 Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang LPBA Championship’ held on the 20th (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center), Kim Jin-ah defeated Hida Orie, the champion of the TS competition in September, 2-0 and reached the quarterfinals in three consecutive competitions.

Kim Jin-ah overpowered Hida from beginning to end. She drove Hida by hitting 4 consecutive hits in sets 1 and 2.

Kim Jin-ah competes with Lim Jeong-suk, the winner of the 4th crown, to advance to the semifinals. Lim Jung-sook defeated Song Min-jeong 2-1.

Kim Bo-mi defeated Lim Kyung-jin 2-0. It was a tremendous attack power with an average of 2.200.

Kim Bo-mi finished the first set in 3 innings with 8 consecutive hits in 3 innings, and the second set in 7 innings with 4 consecutive hits in 7 innings.

Lim Kyung-jin also hit very well with an average of 1.889, but she couldn’t help with Kim Bo-mi, who hit relatively better.

Kim Bo-mi fought for the quarterfinals with Jeong Bo-ra, who defeated Sakai 2-1.

Season opening champion Throng and the previous runner-up Kim Ye-eun engaged in a one-hit battle. The first set was 11:0 for Throng.

It seemed to end with Thorong’s complete victory. However, Kim Ye-eun shot multiple hits in the 2nd set, and revenged and balanced 11:1.

And in the 3rd set of 6 innings, he fired 6 consecutive hits with a wonderful bank shot and elaborate miss, and scored 7:2, then fired another bank shot in the 9th inning and won 9:2.

Kim Ye-eun faces Baek Min-ju in the quarterfinals. 안전놀이터

Baek Min-joo defeated Jeon Ae-rin 2-0. The score was thin, but the content was not very refreshing. He barely finished the first set in 20 innings, and the second set also went to 13 innings.

Minju Baek won 11:8, 11:9.

Yong Hyun-ji, the youngest, will face veteran Kim Gap-seon in the quarterfinals. Hyunji Yong defeated Jung Eun-young and Kim Gap-seon defeated Kim Min-young 2-1 respectively.

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