“The worst team name in the history of Korean professional sports.”

The KGC Ginseng Corporation Sports Team changed its name to “Jeonggwanjang Sports Team” on the 30th, prompting other teams to change their names as well. However, the reaction is not so good.

KGC Ginseng Corporation recently rebranded its master brand ‘Jungkwanjang’ under the strategy of reborn as a global health food solution brand. Accordingly, the company changed the name of its sports team to ‘Jungkwanjang Sports Team’ and renamed its professional men’s basketball and women’s volleyball teams. 스포츠토토

In July, we held a fan vote to select the team names based on the name suggestions from the internal competition, and the men’s professional basketball team was named the Cheong Wa Dae Red Boosters and the women’s professional volleyball team was named the Cheong Wa Dae Red Sparks.

Jeonggwanjang Red Boosters means ‘the power of the Jeonggwanjang basketball team as a source of health and energy’ and Jeonggwanjang Red Sparks means ‘a volleyball team that wins with sparkling performances’.

“KGC Ginseng Corporation’s representative brand, Jungkwanjang, and sports have been pursuing the same value of health,” said Lee Jong-rim, head of the Jungkwanjang Sports Team. “With the new team names, we will reward our fans with a healthier and brighter appearance.”

The results of the team name event, which was held through fan voting, can be found on the club’s SNS.

That’s all from KGC’s press release. It’s clear to see how KGC’s Ani Jung-jeong chose to make this change.

However, the fans’ reaction is negative. On the official social media accounts of the club, there are no positive comments about the new name. There is only strongly worded criticism and condemnation.

“This is the worst team name in the history of Korean professional sports,” said one fan. Another fan wrote, “Aside from the fact that the new name sucks, I don’t see a single sign that they cared about the fans or their opinions during the selection process. How long are you going to run the team with a ‘you bark, we come’ mentality?” Another fan strongly criticized.

In addition, criticisms and accusations from high-ranking officials have filled Jung Kwan-jang’s SNS.

Professional sports live and die by the love of their fans. Unfortunately, it seems that KGC Ani’s choice did not go down well with the fans. The team has already changed its name. Anyang fans will now support Jung Kwan-jang instead of KGC.

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