Female professional volleyball GS Caltex ace Kang So-hui (26) led the sinking of the first place.

GS Caltex scored a set score of 3-2 (25-22. 19-25, 19-25, 25-23, 15-12) in the 4th round home game against Hyundai Engineering & Construction in the 2022-23 Dodram V League Women’s Division held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 20th. ) won. Kang So-hui played the role of a solver by scoring at every critical moment. A total of 25 points. Scored the most goals on the team. He led the team’s attack while foreign player Moma was out due to injury.

토토사이트 On this day, Kang So-hui was full of fighting spirit. She didn’t smile even after scoring a goal in a winning situation. She also showed a way of reaching out without letting go of her eyes on the ball even when her butt was bumped at the end of the 5th set. She also succeeded in successive open attacks before and after entering 10 points in the 5th set.

After the game, Kang So-hui said, “I feel like I managed to win by using dragons. Hyundai E&C is really strong. (Without MoMA), it seems that domestic players came together and overcame it well. It was helpful to be more aggressive because there was no MoMA.” Victory against Hyundai E&C, which has never been won this season. Kang So-hui said, “That’s why it’s more meaningful. The opponent didn’t have a foreign player (Yasmin), and it seems that the winning factor was that we used a different tactic as Moma was missing.”

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