‘The most important thing is an unbreakable heart!’ This is

a phrase that moved the whole nation through the 2022 Qatar World Cup and spread widely. It contains the importance of earnest effort not to give up and indomitable will. This phrase widely spread by the Korean World Cup team has now become a wonderful reality in professional billiards. The person who proved the power of this phrase on the PBA billiards table was Kang Min-goo (39, Blue One Resort), who was called ‘PBA’s 2nd person in his late years’. As a result of knocking and knocking no matter how frustrated I was, I finally reached the top. He is the champion of ‘five seasons before four’.

In the PBA final of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank Wellbang PBA-LPBA Championship’ held at Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do on the night of the 24th, Kang Min-gu scored a set score 4-2 (14-15, 15-6, 2-15, 15-7, 15-9, 15-5) and became the 16th PBA champion. He became stronger towards the end of the game, in contrast to his always weak appearance towards the end of the match. He almost completely dominated the 4th to 6th sets, which were the battlegrounds.

It is literally the result of holding on to an ‘unbreakable heart’. In fact, Kang Min-goo’s victory can be seen as a ‘too late result’. Kang Min-goo did not receive much attention when he was a member of the Korea Billiards Federation. However, he participated when the professional billiards PBA was first launched four years ago and immediately attracted attention. In the first year of its launch, he proudly reached the finals at the ‘PBA Panasonic Open’, his first tour, and quickly rose to stardom.

In fact, it has made it to the final several times since then. From the 2020-2021 season, they advanced to the finals a total of three more times. In particular, in the 2020-2021 season, he reached the tour finals twice. However, it was often unable to cross the wall of foreign players. Frederic Cudron (TS Shampoo Championship), Javier Palazon (Crown Haitai Championship), and again Kasido Costas (Wellbang Championship). Kang Min-gu was defeated.

But his heart and cue were not broken. Kang Min-gu worked hard and quietly polished his skills. He quietly spent the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 seasons, conserving his strength for the championship. As a result, he succeeded in winning the championship in 5 out of 4 matches and 710 days, lifting the prize money of 100 million won and the championship trophy for the first time. It is an achievement that took 4 years.

Kang Min-goo said, “I got goosebumps immediately after winning the championship. A thrill came up from the bottom of my back.” It didn’t go well,” he said. Then, he pledged his promotion, saying, “I will prepare well for the remaining tournaments, the 8th tour and the post season, and I will do my best to prepare for the World Championship.” 안전놀이터

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