Cho Joon-hui performed a series of hits in the round of 32 (Bitmaru Broadcasting Support Center) of the ‘2023 Crown Haitai PBA Championship’ held on the 5th, and defeated the rising Turkiye Chanchapak.

Joo Joo-hee scored 6 consecutive hits in the 1st and 2nd sets and 8 consecutive hits in the 3rd set.

Jo Joon-hwi wasted 1 inning in 3 sets, but won 15:11 in 4 innings with 2 consecutive hits in 2 innings, followed by 8 consecutive hits in 3 innings and 4 consecutive attacks.

Seong-kyun “Young Gun” Lim also defeated Tae-joon Oh, the runner-up in the High1 Championship last December, 3-0.

In the 3rd set with a 2-0 lead, Lim Seong-gyun fired 5 consecutive hits twice and beat Oh Tae-joon 15:13 in a last-minute chase.


Wimaz won in 3 games. Wimaz, who passed the round of 128 and the round of 64, defeated Lee Yeongcheon 3-0.

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