Park Gyeong-sang (32‧178.6cm) is doing well at Jeonju KCC this season. He is averaging 3.76 points, 1.08 assists and 1.56 rebounds in 13 minutes and 37 seconds per game in 25 games. In some ways, it may be a performance that seems to be no different, but from the point of view of the team, it is never so. Currently, KCC is struggling with rotation problems, such as a thin player base and increasing dependence on specific players.

In the meantime, Park Kyung-sang shows off his outstanding performance from time to time and seems to be playing the role of licorice. It would be the best scenario to consistently play an active role, but his position is a sixth man. He is helpful enough as a team even if he only plays better than usual on days when he is in good condition or when he meets a team with a good match.

This season, Park Kyung-sang has played that role well enough. In the match against Carrot on December 24th, he showed good performance with 9 points (3 3-point shots), 3 assists and 7 rebounds.

Park Kyung-sang and Lee Jung-hyun’s name value and weight difference in the team were considered, and Park Kyung-sang’s performance was close to a surprise. At that time, Lee Jeong-hyeon was blocked by Park Gyeong-sang’s defense and struggled with only 2 points until the 3rd quarter. In addition, Park Kyung-sang made three 3-pointers only in the third quarter.

The 7 rebounds were also a surprise. On this day, it was the part where we could see how much activity Park Kyung-sang took with his small height. In fact, no one expected Park Kyung-sang to be able to stop Lee Jung-hyun so well. Originally, Park Kyung-sang was not a good defensive player, and his opponent Lee Jung-hyun was a player with good power and balance based on solid weight, cutting about 10cm in height.

Regarding the play that was close to a miracle (?) in a situation that was no different from a mismatch in some ways, coach Jeon Chang-jin praised him by saying, “The eagerness for basketball is growing Gyeong-sang’s defensive power.” It was a meaningful game in that if it was possible to play the role of an ace stopper not only in offense but also in defense, the use of Park Kyung-sang would inevitably be higher.

Park Kyung-sang’s performance continued in the most recent match against KT. He contributed 12 points and 2 assists in the offense. As evidenced by the fact that he made three 3-pointers with a 75% success rate, he was highly efficient in that he scored goals that helped the team without attacking too much. Director Jeon also expressed his gratitude by mentioning Park Kyung-sang again, saying, “He does too well for what he receives.”

Although he returned to his former team ahead of this season, there were not many people who had special expectations for Park Kyung-sang. Once, on days when the fingertips are hot, he shows threatening performance, but basically, it was not a welcome atmosphere because he did not see any advantages other than scoring ability in a single dual guard with poor defense. There were quite a few fans who said, “Even if it wasn’t so, another short guard was added to the many short guards.”

Of course, due to the current KCC’s deformed roster composition, it seems necessary to organize the short guards, who have more disadvantages than advantages. However, there is no need to confine a player like Park Kyung-sang, who has improved in defense and tries to do his part somehow, to such a frame of prejudice. The reason why many fans are concerned about short guards is because they do more harm than good from the point of view right away. 카지노사이트

One of the reasons why KCC is having difficulties in the front line this season is that Kim Ji-wan (32, 187cm), who was initially expected to be the first starter, is not able to play business trips normally. Because he is chronically suffering from big and small injuries, he misses quite a few games, and it is not easy to manage his condition because of the situation. In the end, the number of times when Heo Woong and Jung Chang-young have to fill the empty seats is increasing, and overload is bound to occur overall.

In such a situation, Park Kyung-sang’s stellar performance is a welcome rain amidst the drought. Except for his short stature, his playing style is similar to Kim Ji-wan. The team can breathe a sigh of relief simply by filling a certain portion of the vacancy created by Kim Ji-wan or poor physical condition. Attention is focusing on how far Park Kyung-sang’s performance, which runs on the court with undying passion, will continue. 카지노사이트

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