There was considerable interest from the club, fans, and media. This is the story of Hwang Ui-jo (31), who will play for FC Seoul as a loan player for 5 months. Hwang Eui-jo, who joined Seoul, departed for Fukuoka, Japan via Incheon International Airport on the morning of the 6th. It is to join the second winter battery training in Kagoshima, Japan, in Seoul, which is in full swing ahead of the 2023 season. To see Hwang Eui-jo, numerous fans and media officials visited the airport early in the morning.

Hwang Eui-jo did fan service for dozens of fans. Hwang Eui-jo, who made his professional debut at Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma (currently Seongnam FC) in 2013, is also looking forward to his return to the K-League. He returned to the K-League after 5 years and 6 months since the summer of 2017. Hwang Eui-jo said, “I have been playing in the K-League for the first time in six years. He thinks it will be very different from before. There are many good players and teams. I think there are a lot of expectations,” he laughed.

Hwang Ui-jo chose to rent Seoul for a re-challenge in Europe. After playing on loan for five months, he is determined to try again when the European season resumes in the summer. Hwang Eui-jo said, “(His original team) Nottingham Forest also gave permission to rent. After finishing his rental life, he came to Seoul as a condition of returning. It was an important and difficult decision for me personally. he had a lot of trouble I will try to improve my performance a lot,” he said.

The advice from teammates and seniors moved Hwang Eui-jo’s heart. Hwang Eui-jo received advice from Hwang In-beom (27), who is also a member of the same agent (CAA) and a teammate of his team and national team. Hwang In-beom also advanced to Europe after playing as a short-term loan player in Seoul last season. He called Ki Sung-yong (34) several times and helped him choose a transfer to Seoul. Ki Sung-yong also said, “I advised Ui-jo, ‘I want to go to a team where I can play.'” 스포츠토토

The reunion between Hwang Ui-jo and Ahn Ik-soo (58), the Seoul coach, also draws attention. While studying at Yonsei University, Hwang Ui-jo joined Seongnam, led by head coach Ahn Ik-soo. During the five seasons he played for Seongnam, he scored 35 goals in 140 matches. Hwang Eui-jo’s decision to go to Seoul was largely influenced by director Ahn. As soon as coach Ahn Ik-soo saw Hwang Ui-jo at the Champions Park in Guri, he shook hands with him and playfully kicked him.

Regarding the reunion with director Ahn Ik-soo, Hwang Eui-jo said, “I thought a lot about being a rookie. In any case, while in Seoul, I think he should play with the mindset of a rookie player.” Director Ahn Ik-soo also said, “The first relationship was made in the pro. We know each other well. We know (each other) well the process and effort that we put our heart and soul into recruiting Uijo. I think Uijo will work hard,” he laughed.

The part the club expects from Hwang Ui-jo is, of course, to put emphasis on offense. Seoul ranked 11th in team scoring with 43 goals in 38 matches last season. He aimed for a colorful football called ‘Iksuball’, but there were not enough strikers to solve the score. Hwang Eui-jo, who scored double digits for two consecutive seasons in the French professional football Ligue 1 (division 1), is evaluated to be a great help to Seoul’s attack.

Hwang Ui-jo did not set his goals grandiosely. He said, “I think I need to improve my performance as much as possible through field training in Japan.” He did not set an attack point target. It is urgent to melt into the team and improve the performance,” he emphasized.

Team members thought differently. The expectations placed on Hwang Ui-jo were high. Na Sang-ho (27), the captain of Seoul, said, “I believe that Uijo-hyung will fill in for us where we couldn’t score many goals.” Ki Sung-yong also emphasized, “I will work hard from the back so that Uijo can score as many goals as possible.” Director Ahn Ik-soo expected that “Ui-jo will do his part.”

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