According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnalowski, the return schedule for Milwaukee’s ‘Baby Joe Johnson’ Chris Middleton (forward, 201cm, 101kg) has not been coordinated.

Middleton broke away from the front row again after going on an away game against the Memphis Grizzlies on the 16th (Korean time). A wrist injury suffered early in the season prevented him from starting the season in time. He made his first sortie of the season in early December, but was sidelined two weeks later due to another injury.

He is currently out of action due to a knee injury. It’s already been 3 weeks since he was out due to his knee injury. At this rate, it will not be easy for him to return during the next week. Currently, in Milwaukee, in addition to Middleton, Giannis Antetokounmpo (knee) and Grayson Allen (ankle) are on the injured list. The three main players are currently unable to play.

Middleton hasn’t played much this season. In seven games this season, he recorded 11.1 points (.325 .268 .895), 2.6 rebounds and 4.4 assists in 24.4 minutes per game. There was a limit because I couldn’t properly start the training camp due to an injury. He needs time to improve his condition and get his performance back on track. But before that, he suffered another injury and was left disappointed.

Until last season, Middleton was easily responsible for averaging more than 20 points for three consecutive seasons. If he extends his range to five seasons, he has posted 20+ points per game in four of those seasons, and has been a key scorer for Milwaukee, scoring 18 or more points in five seasons. Thanks to this, he had the honor of being selected as an All-Star three times during this period. He had such a great season that he was selected as an All-Star last season as well.

However, this season has been plagued by injuries. Despite his absence, at the beginning of the season, Milwaukee had a monologue. But as the season progressed, Middleton’s vacancy grew. More than anything, he is leaving a deep regret for not being able to play properly this season. Fortunately, the news is that the rehabilitation of his knee injury is progressing well.

Middleton is now down to the G-League with Wesley Matthews and Thanasis Antetokounmpo. He was assigned to the Wisconsin Herd, a G-League team affiliated with Milwaukee. for rehabilitation and training. He intends to check his performance and check his physical condition while participating in future matches in the G-League. It seems unlikely that he will return any time soon.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee is in third place in the Eastern Conference with 27 wins and 14 losses so far this season. At the end of the year, he won 4 consecutive losses, the club’s most this season, but after that, he changed the atmosphere by winning 5 wins in 7 games. Milwaukee is currently on a four-game road trip to the East. After facing the Miami Heat on the 13th and 15th, they move to the home. In the game on the 13th, the absence of all the injured players mentioned above was confirmed. 슬롯사이트

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