“I am not worried. He showed solid performance against Hanwha Life Insurance) and won 3-1.

  • Comments on victory

Director Ko) I am happy to have won safely. I’ve been to Jamsil before, and I had good memories.

Peanut) I prepared for this match with confidence and decided that I could win. It’s good that the results came out as expected. I had a good experience in Jamsil, and I want to continue the good experience by receiving a buff (from the good experience in Jamsil).

  • To say it’s a good experience, isn’t the score manager (Baron’s stamina 2) having a nightmare in Jamsil…

Director Go’s blow is too big

… He showed off his athletic ability. Did you see any changes in your preparation for the game after watching that game?

Goh) I didn’t deviate much from the preparation process. It was easy to deal with because Hanwha Life Insurance seemed to show off a lot of the combinations we expected before the D-Plus.

Peanut) While watching the two teams, I actually thought that they were really good at the time, but after seeing the KT-T1 match, I thought that we could win enough.

(Hanwha Life Insurance) At the time of the D+ Kia game, there was a feeling that the combination of Hanwha Life Insurance had become similar to what we thought, and the opposing teams were preparing for these things, so I just thought that we should be careful.

  • After the patch was changed, it continues until the postseason. Is there any difference from the previous situation?

Director Go) Immediately after the patch change, each team had a lot of colorful ban-picks, but during the PO period, as we supplemented each other’s ban-picks with their strengths and weaknesses, they all changed to the same color or it seemed to be less colorful than the first time.

  • We meet once before going to Jamsil with T1. What do you think of the 3R winner’s match?

Peanut) The first thing I thought was that I was good at it. I had the thought that I was really good at it, and I thought that was ‘relevant DNA’. Sanghyuk-hyung was also really good, so I respected him and watched him.

Of course, on the day when the tickets for the finals are decided, they will think that we are doing better. I wonder if I can go to the finals if I work with that thought.

Even if I lose, I think I will be comfortable with Wonko.

  • What will be the key point before T1?

Head Coach Koh) I felt it while watching yesterday’s game, and although all lines are good, Faker’s performance at the end was really outstanding. Mid seems to be the point.

Is it a collective mid-ban? / (Shake your head)

  • In the 3rd set, we picked a champion that was far from metapic called Pantheon. The reason is?

It became a patch, and I thought it was good during the practice process. However, there was a feeling that the goal of Pantheon today did not work. We plan to go back to the dorm and talk more about what to do from the next game.

  • In the 4th set, even though there was a representative counter pick called Jaya, he chose Vi instead of Lee Sin… Director Ko

) “I thought the opponent’s deal balance itself was not a combination that produced very strong deals. Lee Sin and Bai’s (skill) ), rather than the difference, it was a choice that considered the stability of Vi and the percent damage of Shinpaja.”

In other words, it was not a combination that melted at once with the opponent’s burst even if Vi entered the stop order (R). Of course, it was difficult to accept because of Jaya’s presence, but it was an indirect sense of how much Goh believed in the players’ ability to engage.

  • T1 is a very good team, aren’t you worried?

Peanut) “I think T1 has good determination and good team cohesion. However, I think we are not lagging behind.” “I think

T1 has a long history and is the strongest among the other teams. “I have to do it. I shouldn’t worry about it.” “

But I’m worried about that because all of T1’s players are good at laning and ban-picks based on champion pools are good.”

In this interview, two versions of the word ‘worry’ appeared.

First, the worry in the second paragraph is ‘fear’. Are you afraid of T1, who reigns as the strongest player in the LCK? was the first question, and Peanut firmly cut it off with the words ‘I’m not afraid’.

The ‘worry’ in the third paragraph is the agony of preparing for the match. This is why T1 uses ‘unusual friends’ that are hard to block even if they know it. Faker’s Gragas, Zeus’s Yasuo, etc. are ‘those friends’.

In this question, we were able to get a glimpse into the mind of Peanut, who has a complicated mind ahead of the T1 match. 메이저놀이터

  • Last thing I want to say,

coach) Player Doran was very ill during the practice process, and there were difficult parts. The rest of my friends seem to have accepted it well, so I am proud of the players as a coach.

Peanut) I thought that the 3rd set was important today, and the game was very shaken in the beginning. In fact, it was a game that was often pushed to one side, but there were attempts to create a turnaround angle and create opportunities in that situation. Watching today’s game made me think once again that we are a team that deserves to go up. I hope my fellow players will always play the game with that mindset.

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