Spain’s ‘Marca’ released an interview with Muriki on the 12th (Korean time). When asked about the transfer of Lee Kang-in, who jointly scored 50% of the team’s goals, Muriki said, “I don’t want to let him go. Lee Kang-in will be with me in Mallorca. We train together every day and we will go together like now.”

Muriki is a 194cm tall striker from Kosovo. Kosovo is a football periphery country ranked 107th in the FIFA rankings, but Muriki is showing his own presence on the European stage. Having spent most of the early years of his career in the Turkiye League, he performed well for Fenerbahce.

He later moved to Lazio and made it to Italy’s Serie A, but never got a chance. Accordingly, he left on loan to Mallorca in the second half of last season. Muriki, who succeeded in a complete transfer ahead of this season, is active as a key striker in the team. He has scored 8 goals in Spanish La Liga so far and is ranked 3rd in league goalscoring.

In particular, Lee Kang-in and breathing stood out. This is the result of Lee Kang-in’s sharp kick and Muriki’s decisiveness. Currently, the two players are recording a total of 10 goals in the league (Muriki 8 goals, Lee Kang-in 2 goals). In addition, Muriki contributed 1 assist and Lee Kang-in contributed 3 assists. Most of the 14 points scored by the team came from the toes of the two players. 온라인카지노

However, the possibility of not seeing the Muriki-Lee Kang-in combination was raised. This is because Lee Kang-in is constantly connecting with other teams. Lee Kang-in was a promising prospect in Valencia. He made his La Liga debut in the 2018–19 season and was awarded the Golden Ball (Best Player) at the 2019 FIFA Under-20 World Cup.

However, he did not get a chance to play in Valencia and has been playing for Mallorca since last season. This season, under the trust of coach Javier Aguire, he is showing his presence by recording 1 goal and 3 assists in 16 league games. As a result, several clubs in England and the Netherlands showed interest in Kang-in Lee.

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