“Some players ask if (the watch) is a G-Shock, but it is a genuine Rolex.”

Changwon LG won a 75-72 victory in the 4th confrontation of the season against 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Seoul SK held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul on the 1st.

LG, which was dragged by 17 points (16-33) in the middle of the 2nd quarter, succeeded in reversing at the end of the 4th quarter and reaped a thrilling come-from-behind victory after a bloody battle. It was the moment when LG’s persistent onslaught saw the light.

Without the explosive power of ace Lee Kwan-hee, it would have been impossible to create a stage play. Lee Kwan-hee scored the most points in the team by scoring 20 points in 26 minutes and 58 seconds, and 5 3-point shots (45.5%) were in the right place. He reached the 20-point mark in about two months after the Goyang Carrot match (20 points) on December 4 last year.

Recently, Lee Kwan-hee drew a lot of attention with a watch ceremony that tapped her left wrist. This day was also fine. Lee Kwan-hee showed off a clock ceremony when he hit a 3-point shot.

After the game, Lee Kwan-hee said, “I couldn’t take the watch out in the last two games, so I prepared to take it out in today’s game. The first time I did the watch ceremony, I was losing, but I put in a buzz beater. It wasn’t a situation to take it out, but I took it out early to bring the atmosphere. I wanted to take it out three times, but it’s a pity that I could only take it out twice.”

Kwanhee Lee’s watch ceremony is reminiscent of NBA superstar Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers). Lillard’s performance in the clutch is sometimes referred to as ‘dame time’.

Regarding Lillard’s ceremony, Lee Kwan-hee explained, “Lillard’s clock ceremony means ‘this moment is my time.’

He then expressed his satisfaction, saying, “The first time I did it, the reaction was good, so I hold a ceremony when I want to bring the atmosphere or to elicit a shout from the fans. It seems to have become my signature ceremony. I hope you look forward to the next match.” 메이저사이트

With this victory, LG recorded 23 wins and 13 losses, and kept its sole second place. In addition, the ride with leader Anyang KGC was also reduced to 2 games, and 3 consecutive wins were completed. As much as they are on the rise, the team atmosphere is also friendly.

Lee Kwan-hee said, “There are players who ask if (the watch) is a G-Shock, but it is a genuine Rolex. I hope many people will know (laughs).” It seems to have arrived properly,” he said with a smile.

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