“My husband takes care of everything, and I’m so grateful that he tells me to focus on billiards.”

Surong Pheavy (33), who immigrated to Korea through an international marriage and rose to the top of the billiards world, expressed her gratitude to her husband as she lifted another trophy.

‘Cambodian Express’ Song Pheavy (33) wrote a new history of ‘most wins in LPBA’ by lifting his sixth professional billiards trophy on the 9th.

Pheavy came from behind to defeat Yong Hyun-ji 4-3 (6-11 11-3 11-4 5-11 11-7 7-11 9-2) in the LPBA final of the ‘Silk Road & Ansan PBA-LPBA Championship’ of the second tour of the professional billiards 2023-2024 season at the Ansan Sangryoksu Gymnasium.

Piavi, who turned pro at the Welcome Savings Bank Championship in the fifth round of the 2020-2021 season, has now reached the top of the rankings six times in 20 tournaments. She became the most decorated player in the tournament, surpassing Kim Ga-young (Hana Card) and Lim Jung-sook (Crown Hae-tae), who both won the title five times.

Piavi also took home 20 million won in prize money. With a career earnings total of $219.52 million, Piavi closes in on the LPBA’s highest-paid player, Kim Ga-young ($231.95 million).

“I feel like I’m recognized everywhere I go now,” she said at the press conference after her win, “I thought I had to do better and win more as I became famous, but I’m so happy to win like this.”

She also mentioned her husband, who was in attendance.

“I didn’t know he was there, I didn’t realize until after the game,” she said. “I found out after the ceremony, but he was embarrassed and stayed away. I didn’t get to take a picture with him after he won,” she said. “He hasn’t seen me play in person for five or six years, and today was his first time,” she said.

She emphasizes that her husband has been more supportive than anyone else. “I’m only home once every month or two because I’m constantly competing,” she said. “He’s home alone every day, and whenever I come home, he asks me, ‘What do you want to eat,’ and he cooks for me. He’s a really good cook,” she said.

“My husband is always good to me, but he doesn’t express it much,” she said, adding, “I feel grateful and sorry for him every day.”

Regarding the crowd’s support, she said, “It’s actually good because it makes me want to perform more.” “When I make a good shot with people’s support, their cheers lift me up. I hope they will cheer even louder.”

The Cambodian flag was also displayed during the match. “My Cambodian friends are too busy working, so my cousin and her brother, who lives in Suwon, came to cheer me on,” she said. “Seeing the Cambodian flag gave me more energy.”

“I did a lot of volunteer work during the off-season, but now my goal for the time being is to practice more billiards,” he said, “I have one goal. I want more people to see me play and be happy.”

Yong Hyun-ji, who was playing in the final for the second time in his career, tried to win his first professional title, but fell just short of the top spot 메이저놀이터 추천.

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