At 5 pm on the 23rd, in the 2nd set match on the 4th day of the 6th week of the 2023 LCK Spring held at Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Brion defeated Hanwha Life Insurance and set the score to 1-1.

Brion (Morgan-Umti-Karis-Henna-Effort) of the blue side chose Jax-By-Akali-Barus-Karma and forbade Ash-Lucian-Jerry-Jace-Yone.

Hanwha Life Insurance (Kingen-Clyde-Zekka-Viper-Life) on the red side chose Nar-Nidaly-Sylus-Caitlin-Lux, and for Ban, they chose Maokai-Alice-Sejuani-Victor-Renekton.

They clashed aiming for the initiative in the top-bottom, and it was Brion’s intention to melt the jungler into a combo by filling the jungler with a very powerful bye, and Hanwha Life’s intention to endure it with Nidalee’s heal and liners’ mobility. crashed

If Nidalee was put in a ‘stop order’, Brion had an advantage, otherwise Hanwha Life Insurance was an advantageous combination in the range fight.

Brion’s intentions were creaky from the start. While the line battle was slightly pushed back from the bottom where they collided aiming for the initiative, Clid (Nidalee), who attempted a counter jungle in just 3 minutes, tried to widen the growth gap by catching the opponent Umti (Bai). Clid briefed, ‘I think I’ll push it’, but it was a fantastic result that went beyond pushing it.

There were no major difficulties in the full-scale line war. Considering that there was an accident in the beginning, both sides obtained satisfactory results by dividing the messenger (Hanwha Life Insurance) and the dragon (Brion). Likewise, in the 10-minute ganking, Brion fed Morgan (Jacks), and Hanwha Life fed Jeka (Sylus) gold. The messenger possessed by Clid was used to raise Viper (Caitlyn).

The key player in the second set was Morgan (Jacks). Morgan led the team to a complete victory by overpowering 5 opponents both in the line match and in the 5-5 match.

The decisive scene was 20 minutes. Hanwha Life’s intention to release the messenger on the bottom line and take the top line turret was blocked with a 1-3 (for wind)-1 distribution, and Brion saw a ‘free profit’.

In this scene, Hanwha Life Insurance had to engage the opponent’s 3 players or break through 1 player, but took no action and the gap gradually widened. Of course, it was not marked as global gold, but the view gradually shifted toward the Hanwha Life Insurance (Redside) camp.

Without any resistance, Brion acquired the soul of the wind in the 26th minute and gave Jax wings. Brion cut off the opponent’s life (Lux) before the Elder Dragon battle in the 32nd minute, leading to a 5-4 engagement, and Morgan (Jacks) dominated the teamfight and decided the victory. 온라인바카라

Hanwha Life Insurance continued to hold out. However, in the second Elder Dragon, he advanced at a somewhat late timing, unable to choose between Baron and Engagement, and once again surrendered all Elder-Baron to the opponent. Eventually, in the 42nd minute, Morgan sucked in the enemies and ended the game.

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