As Goyang Carrot, which is suffering from financial difficulties, is being sold in its first season, concerns are being raised about whether the professional basketball playoffs can be held normally. According to the basketball world on the 7th, Day One Sports, the operator of Carrot, has been negotiating with a company to sell the basketball team since the end of last year. This is because the parent company, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, is under court receivership, and support for the basketball team is not working properly. Following last month, in February, Carrot failed to pay wages to the players, coaching staff, and the secretariat on time and delayed payment. Carrot is a team re-founded by Day One Sports after the end of the 2021-22 season by acquiring the Goyang Orion basketball team. Like the Kiwoom Heroes of professional baseball, it attracted attention by attracting Carrot Insurance as a naming sponsor, while appointing ‘Basketball President’ Heo Jae as the CEO of the sports division.

However, Day One Sports has been embroiled in controversy over its financial capabilities several times since the basketball team was launched. In June of last year, in the process of new KBL member registration, approval was withheld once due to insufficient funds and club management plans, and it was decided to pay the special membership fee of 1.5 billion won, which is the cost of joining, in installments, but the first payment of 500 million won was not properly paid by the deadline, right before the start of the season It also caused controversy, such as paying for it. Right after paying the first subscription fee, Day One Sports emphasized, “We will do our best to run the team stably and prevent further financial issues,” but it is still showing uneasy moves, such as delayed wage payments. Doubts are growing as to whether they will be able to pay the remaining 1 billion won in subscription fees, which is due on March 31. KBL’s salary cap (maximum of team annual salary) is 2.5 billion won. The question is whether Carrot can pay 1 billion won when he is paying wages of up to 200 million won a month with delay. KBL is drawing a line saying that if Carrot fails to pay the subscription fee in full, he will not be able to participate in the league after that. 토토사이트

March 31 is right after the professional basketball regular season ends, right before the playoffs for the round of 6 begin. Currently, Carrot is in 5th place with 20 wins and 19 losses. At the current momentum, it is possible to advance to the playoffs in the round of 6. However, the possibility of being in a situation where you cannot play a game even if you advance to the playoffs due to the subscription fee cannot be ruled out. In this case, KBL could devise various measures, such as putting the next ranked team in the playoffs in the round of 6, but it is nothing but lameness. An official from Day One Sports emphasized, “We will make sure that there is no problem with Marron so that we can finish the season well.” A KBL official said, “We are closely monitoring the situation,” and “we will respond in principle in any situation.”

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