Suwon Samsung Ahn-joon is back with a vengeance under a new coach. Suwon Samsung’s Ahn Byung-jun is coming back to life.

Ahn opened the scoring in the 16th minute of their Hana OneQ K League 2023 Round 15 match at Jeju World Cup Stadium on Sunday. He rattled the net with a diving header off a quick cross from Lee Sang-min on the left. The cross was difficult to react to so quickly, but Ahn was able to accurately predict his teammate’s next move and move ahead of him to score.

Ahn suffered an extremely poor start to the season. He didn’t score a single goal in his first 10 games. He wasn’t doing his job as a striker. It wasn’t just that he wasn’t scoring goals, it was that he wasn’t playing well. He wasn’t holding up the front line and linking up with his teammates. With foreign player Mulicic out of action due to injury, and Ahn also struggling, Suwon’s performance plummeted.

Ahn Byung-jun, who seemed to have fallen into a deep tunnel, began to revitalize under Kim Byung-soo. He scored a goal against Gangwon FC on the 13th and then scored the equalizer against Ulsan Hyundai in the last round after falling behind 0-1. She then opened the scoring against Jeju, giving her three goals in four games. After working with Kim, she has come to life.

Before the game, Kim said, “Ahn Byung-jun is still not stable enough. He needs to improve. But mentally, he seems to be finding a sense of stability,” Kim said, explaining his recent improvement. As expected, Ahn not only scored the opening goal, but also worked diligently throughout the game to rattle the Jeju defense. Even if he didn’t take a shot himself, he calmly linked up with the front line to help the offense.

Suwon suffered a 1-2 defeat on the day, despite Ahn Byung-jun’s early goal. Despite playing the kind of dominant game that Kim wanted, the defense was unstable and they couldn’t get the points 토토사이트.

Suwon will need more from Ahn to bounce back. Mulicic was not named in the lineup against Jeju due to injury. We’re already 15 rounds into the season and he hasn’t shown much form. If he continues to score at his recent pace, Suwon will be able to rebound.

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