The “Korean Monster” Ryu Hyun-jin (36) will try to win his third straight game. His opponent is the Cleveland Indians. He’s facing his second opponent since returning to the big leagues, and he’s clenching his fist in frustration after being hit by a pitch in a perfect four-inning no-hitter.

Ryu Hyun-jin pitched a no-hitter against Cleveland on Aug. 8 (KST). He had struggled in his big league debut against the Baltimore Orioles on July 2, giving up four runs in five innings, but this was different. He didn’t give up a single hit until the fourth inning, throwing a no-hitter. His chances of getting his first win were good. 메이저놀이터

Bad luck struck in the fourth inning. With two on and one out, he was hit in the knee by a pitch from Oscar Gonzalez. He threw a changeup, and the ball flew into his knee, which he couldn’t avoid. After taking the hit, I fought hard to get the out and end the inning. However, the pain hit him and he immediately fell to the ground and was taken out of the game.

It was a disappointment and a concern. He was showing signs of resurgence with his no-hit streak, but the break came and went, and his chance to get his first win was gone. He hadn’t pitched on a big league mound for a year and two months, and the red light came on when he was hit in the knee by another pitch. The black shadow of injury loomed over my head.

Luckily for me, I didn’t feel anything wrong with my body. It was diagnosed as a simple bruise and he was ready for his next start. He quickly proved that his four-inning no-hitter was no fluke. On April 14, he pitched five scoreless innings against the Chicago Cubs, leading the team to an 11-4 victory. It was his first win of the season. On the 21st, he tossed five scoreless innings against the Cincinnati Reds to lead Toronto to a 10-3 victory.

Nineteen days later, he faced Cleveland again. In that short time, the mood had completely changed. It’s not the same as it was eight days ago, when they looked shaky in their comeback game. With two straight wins, the team is in top form and expectations are sky-high. It will be interesting to see if the resurgent Hyun-jin Ryu can avenge his four-inning no-hitter in the previous meeting and make it three straight wins.

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