After sweeping Nongshim RedForce in straight sets to avenge their last loss, Live Sandbox (LSB) spoke about the joy of victory and their improved team play.

LSB defeated Nongshim with a set score of 2-0 in the first game of Week 1, Day 4 of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Summer Split at Roll Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul on Tuesday.

The following is a post-match interview with head coach Yoo “Sang-wook” Yoo and Tae-yoon “Bardol” Noh.

How did you feel about your first win of the season?

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: It was a clean 2-0 win, so I’m happy. We didn’t play well as a team in the opening game, but I think we improved and made some progress in this game.

Noh ‘Bardol’ Tae-yoon: It feels good to win with a good team effort. In the last game, we didn’t talk to each other as much and didn’t share information as much, but today, we made good calls and played a little better.

What did you talk about after the last game?

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: I think we didn’t set many goals related to object-oriented turn management, and we didn’t play well as a team based on that, so we focused on that.

What differences did you see in today’s game?

Tae-yoon “Bardol” Noh: We didn’t talk about what we needed to talk about before designing the object, and we were going back and forth, hitting the object suddenly, so we couldn’t balance our play. Today, I was able to relax and talk about the situation beforehand, and I think my play went well naturally.

Did Teddy’s play improve from the opening match?

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: In the first match, the score was tilted to the point where Park Jin-sung ‘Teddy’ was not in a position to play, so we prepared our communication in advance to avoid such a situation, and I think Teddy’s play was well-timed. As our team play improved, so did our individual play.

Did you expect the sniper ban on Kim “Willer” Jung-hyun?

Coach Yoo Sang-wook: In the meta, every line is important, but if it’s a 1v1, it can be difficult to play, so we thought about it a lot. I think it was a natural response in today’s game.

How would you evaluate Week 1, and do you have any areas of improvement?

Yoo Sang-wook: It’s unfortunate that we lost so lethargically on the opening day, but I think we made a lot less mistakes and improved today, so I’m pretty satisfied with Week 1. We’ll continue to accumulate data so that we can see the angles of engagement naturally no matter what combination we play.

Week 2 is going to be a tough one.

Yoo Sang-wook: Next week’s matches will be tough, but I think we are confident enough if we analyze well and improve in practice.

Noh ‘Bardol’ Tae-yoon: I think the two top players we’ll face next week are good, so I think I’ll be the best if I can beat them. I will prepare well as a team and individually and try to win 토토사이트.

Any final words?

Tae-yoon “Bardol” Noh: I’m glad I showed a better performance today after a disappointing opening match. I will prepare well to face the stronger teams by next week.

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