LG’s 2023 batting lineup is historic. They’re on pace to make history.

Through 29 days, LG is hitting .290 as a team. The top nine lineups are all over or close to 3%.

토토사이트 That’s almost three games behind second-place NC (0.268) and well below the league average (0.256). They lead the league in both team slugging percentage (.377) and team on-base percentage (0.403). The team OPS (slugging percentage + on-base percentage) is 0.780, which is well above the league average OPS (0.692).

Even foreign hitters, who have always been a problem, are hitting well. He even has the highest batting average among LG hitters.

Let’s look at the faces. Austin Dean (0.320), Moon Sung-joo (0.319), Hong Chang-ki (0.317), Park Hae-min (0.309), and Moon Bo-kyung (0.301) are all over .300. Kim Hyun-soo (0.288), Kim Min-sung (0.279), Park Dong-won (0.273), and Oh Ji-hwan (0.256).

As you can see, LG’s bats can’t take a break.

It’s an all-time great. According to Statiz, the LG bats have an adjusted wRC+ of 128.5 this year. Only Samsung (135.1) had a better wRC+ in 1987. That’s second all-time.

Park Dong-won has the highest wRC+ at 179.7, followed by Hong Chang-ki at 152.1, Austin 147.3, Moon Sung-ju at 144.1, Moon Bo-kyung at 126.4, Oh Ji-hwan at 123.8, Kim Hyun-soo at 116.9, Park Hae-min at 116.6, and Kim Min-sung at 109.8.

100 is calculated as the average. LG’s best 9 are all over the mark. It’s like they’re dokgong.

Commentator Park Yong-taek marveled, “LG’s last championship, in 1994 (123.6), was good, but they’re on pace to have a better year than that season.”

All nine of their batsmen can hit, and even the lower order has the power to strike at any time. The result is a record that was set 36 years ago. It will be interesting to see if the LG batting lineup can break the record and make history.

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