Guangdong Freecs won the first set based on the line leadership that clearly led them from the beginning.

Guangdong Freecs had the upper hand in the overall line match. In particular, they were clearly ahead in the bottom, and in the top, Fiora of ‘Doo-Du’ Lee Dong-Joo made the line formation as she wanted, catching Jax of ‘Healthy’ with ‘Young-Jae’ Maokai. Nongshim tried to catch mid with mustard-eating crying and caught Azir of ‘Bulldog’, but even after that, Guangdong still had the initiative.

The balance of the tower leaned more toward Guangdong, and it was Guangdong Freecs who succeeded in destroying the first tower. In the end, Nongshim’s only hope was Kassadin of ‘Fiesta’. Kwangdong Freecs, who unleashed the messenger on the mid-tier 1 tower and destroyed it in 17 minutes, began to pick up speed. Guangdong Freecs took the dragon and won the teamfight in the dragon teamfight, and the global gold gap widened in an instant and seized the victory. 온라인카지노

As of 24 minutes of game time, the kill score was 5:3, which was not a huge difference, but Guangdong Freecs, which completely led the operation, was ahead of Global Gold by about 7,000. For Nongshim, Kassadin, who was the only hope, did it. Through advanced leveling, Azir was cut from the side, and even Jerry, who joined with a somewhat excessive movement, was killed and Nongshim took the Baron.

It was Fiora of ‘Doo-du’ who saved Guangdong from crisis. In the teamfight that led to the dragon, ‘Doo-du’ played an active role in destroying the opponent and destroying Nongshim’s Nexus in 30 minutes.

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