It’s 6:55 p.m. on the 5th. A rain cancellation sign appeared on the Jamsil Stadium scoreboard, and lamentations erupted from the first and third base bleachers. The rain, which started pouring at 5:40 p.m., showed no signs of letting up, and the game management committee and referee committee decided to cancel the game after deliberation.

It was a crucial match for both KIA, which has won eight straight games, and Doosan, which needs to continue its fight for the top five. With seven games to be played in a span of 10 days, the physical condition of the players was a major concern. Fans arrived at the stadium early and didn’t worry about the game being canceled until it started to rain. The clouds were just covering the sky over Jamsil Baseball Stadium.

In fact, around 6:20 p.m., the sun even peeked out from behind the first base bleachers. It looked like the rain was going to stop soon, with golden ripples in the stands behind the left field foul pole.

But the rain, which seemed to be abating, picked up again, and the grounds crew shook their heads. Shortly after the decision was made to cancel the game, the Doosan players walked out of the dugout to greet the fans who had waited in the rain.

Choi Won-jun, the starting pitcher, grabbed Yang Seok-hwan and forcibly removed his sneakers. “Captain” Heo Kyung-min took off his spikes next to him, and Jung Soo-bin also stood on the field in socks. They were preparing for the so-called ‘Woochu Ceremony’. The veteran trio sacrificed themselves to give the crowd a minimum of entertainment 토토사이트.

After circling the bases and sliding into home plate, applause erupted from the stands on the third base side. The KIA team also stayed on the field to greet the fans who were waiting for the game to start.

The rain continued even after the fans left the stadium one by one. Considering that it takes over an hour to clear the field, it was a wise decision, albeit one that adds to the season’s schedule.

Only time will tell which team the rain favored on this day.

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